Hi there!

I’m Dorothy Budu-Arthur. I’m a Nursing Officer, a Christian, and a Creative Writer by passion. I’m Ghanaian.

You’re welcome to my blog which features a collection of my writing which are inspired by  the Word of God, daily life occurrences, and experiences.

My passion for writing started many years ago. I remember how as a kid I kept a collection of my written stories in a notepad and made it available for friends and classmates to read. (I think that notepad eventually got missing as it got passed to lots of different student readers. lol)

However, some years ago when I entered the University of Ghana to read B.Sc. Nursing, my passion for writing got ‘quickened’ after I joined Excellent Youth Outreach (EYO), a non-denominational Christian Youth Ministry. I guess my hands and fingers wanted to do more than give ‘injections’ lol.

Since then, I’ve written a number of poems, plays, articles, scripts for drama/mime, and stories for stage ministration as well as for publication in some magazines in Ghana. I have to my credit, through God’s amazing grace some exciting and inspiring social media series and fiction, which include ‘The Charge’, ‘Estranged’, ‘Healing Rain’, ‘The Missing Spice’, ‘My Secret Tomb’,  ‘Until the storm is over’ and ‘My Loved One’.

I love to write on themes such as Love, Forgiveness, Relationships, Marriage, Christianity, Healing and Restoration.

So relax, and enjoy reading! You’ll be greatly inspired!

Lots of love!