“Open the gate! Let him come in!” Sama ordered the guards at the gate. Hohnam quickly run forward to walk Kuuku inside. 

However, an unpleasant odor filled the compound immediately Kuuku stepped in. Looking straight into her eyes, Kuuku walked towards Sama. 

But as Kuuku drew closer, Wisdom suddenly began to have bouts of sneezing, making Kuuku stop in his tracks. Wisdom continued to sneeze, then started to wheeze. That got Sama alarmed. 


Kuuku was furious as Wisdom seemed to have taken Sama’s attention off him. 

Kuuku’s unpleasant odor seemed to have caused Wisdom’s sneezing. All the other guards on the compound as well could perceive the odor.

“Wisdom… Are you okay?” Sama asked him. But Wisdom continued to sneeze and could hardly speak. 

Sama knew that she had to make Kuuku leave. 

“You will have to leave…” She said to Kuuku. “I think that there is something about you that my adjutant is allergic to. You may say whatever you want to say now and leave.” Sama said in a harsh tone. For she had decided not to give Kuuku the opportunity to think that she had a soft spot for him after all that he made her go through.

But Hohnam quickly run forward, knelt and said, “My lady… Please… I don’t think you should stand out here and talk about this matter… Let your adjutant get some rest… Let us go inside… Sit with this man (Kuuku) and resolve the matter.”

Kuuku thought that to be a good idea. He was already seeing Wisdom as a threat and would welcome any idea to eliminate him. 

“No… My lady… The Prince instructs that I stay with you all the time. I cannot leave you to be with anyone alone.” Wisdom managed to say.

But Hohnam convinced Sama to permit her to be with her in Wisdom’s stead.  Wisdom went backwards as Kuuku drew closer, since the closer Kuuku came, the more it triggered the bouts of sneezing. And Wisdom only wished that Sama would listen to him. 

But Sama did not. She rather listened to Hohnam. 

“I will handle this Wisdom… I will go inside with him and listen to what he has to say. Afterwards he will just leave.” 

That meant that Wisdom could not be present,  as any inch closer to Kuuku would make him sneeze. “Hohnam will be with me until my meeting with Kuuku is over.”


Hi friends! As I wrote this episode, I thought about these: how many times have I gone against the promptings of the Holy Spirit? How many times have not listened to him and his counsel, but gone ahead to make decisions which do not honor the Lord or my relationship with him? How many times have I given the enemy an opening again into my life? How many times have I not listened to God’s Spirit, but rather listened to the flesh and its dictates? 

Sometimes we open the door of our life to certain things which make the Spirit of God within us uncomfortable. Sometimes it is the places we go to … habits we have to let go of… the things we watch… the things we touch… the things we listen to… 

Sometimes we get the inclination to let go of the ‘Kuuku’ who seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but as deception is his trademark, we fall for his schemes. And we end up not listening to ‘Wisdom’, the one who is to be with us until our ‘Prince’ comes again to make us his bride!







Wisdom remained quiet throughout the morning; only giving responses to Sama as and when she asked him a question. 


“Wisdom… You’ve not spoken much today… What is it?” Sama asked him. 

After a long pause he said, “I believe that the Prince brought me here to be with you until he comes. To be your friend, your helper; your counsellor. And for that reason, I know that it is not  a good decision to open your doors once again to someone who stole your dignity and your glory… Who wanted to kill you and destroy you. You do not have to let him in again, my lady. you are Prince Jean’s betrothed, and he will be coming back soon for you. I know for certain that Prince Jean will not be delighted about this.” 

“Wisdom… Trust me, I know what I am doing. Let me just listen to Kuuku once… Hear his apology and that will be it.”

Wisdom did not say a word after. 


“He is here, my lady!” Hohnam came in to say to Sama. 
Finally, Kuuku was coming into the mansion. Deep down in Hohnam’s heart, she rejoiced as she knew that Kuuku’s promise would soon come to pass for her. He would make her the head of all the servants in the mansion.

Sama got a bit startled, but remained composed when she heard that. She felt bad that she didn’t have Wisdom’s approval concerning inviting Kuuku to the mansion. Yet, she did not want to rescind her decision. 

“He is behind the gate, my lady. Should I ask the guards to open for him to come in?” Hohnam said. Her demeanor was getting Wisdom infuriated. He wondered why Hohnam’s body language spoke so much of delight that Kuuku was coming in.

Without responding to Hohnam, Sama went out of the hall to the outside. Wisdom followed. 


Standing on the compound, she saw Kuuku behind the gate. He had not changed much, except for an innocent and childish look he now had on. “Looks like he is truly remorseful.” Sama thought to herself.

“Open the gate! Let him come in!” Sama ordered the guards at the gate. Hohnam quickly run forward to walk Kuuku inside. 





Kuuku was determined to come back into Sama’s life. He was bent on using Hohnam as his bait to achieve that. Again, he gave Hohnam another letter to take inside. And as if under a spell, Hohnam was always at his beck and call.

That evening, Hohnam as usual sneaked in  to the hall where the fireplace was,  and left Kuuku’s letter there.

But just when she turned to leave, she bumped into Wisdom. The stern and piercing look he gave her made her go down on her knees.  And in a split of a second Sama was there. Finally, she had been caught!


“Hohnam! So Wisdom’s suspicions were right all along! Hohnam so you are Kuuku’s ally within my walls.”

“Please Lady Sama. Please! I am sorry! I only acted out of compassion!”

“Compassion? Hohnam you have no idea what that man put me through! He wanted me destroyed! He wanted me dead! It took the love and the mercies of Prince Jean to earn me my freedom! And now, someone within my walls is giving him the chance to reach me again?”

“My Lady, he said that he wanted an opportunity to come in to beg for your forgiveness and to apologize. He said that he has offended you greatly and wants a chance  to ask for pardon from you!”

Kuuku being remorseful? That sounded strange in her ears.

Wisdom sensing that Hohnam was being fake said, “My Lady… I believe this is an act of treachery. I believe you would make the right decision also in accordance with the Prince’s wish on how to deal with this.”

“Please my Lady!” Hohnam pleaded. “Please have mercy on me! Please pardon me!” Hohnam said in tears as she held on to Sama’s feet.

Wisdom however did not trust Hohnam.


So Hohnam managed to get Sama not only to forgive her, but to continue to make her work and stay in the mansion. That was something Wisdom was not happy about. As the Prince’s adjutant and  now Sama’s adjutant, he knew that Sama should have sent that servant out. But Sama decided to have pity on the disloyal servant.


Hohnam however  did not cut ties with Kuuku. Since Kuuku had promised to give her an honorable position in the mansion if she would be  able to help him get close to Sama, she continued to look out for an opportunity to help Kuuku.



Once as Sama and Wisdom were taking care of the fireplace, Hohnam approached Sama and said, “My lady… I would want to discuss something with you… But I would acknowledge a private conversation with you, if you would permit.” She said this so Sama would ask Wisdom to excuse them.

That sounded fishy to Wisdom. He wondered what Hohnam would want to discuss with Sama, and why she would not want him to be around.

“Wisdom… Just give us some few minutes alone” Sama said to Wisdom. Silently, he excused them.


Some few minutes later, Hohnam came to pass by giving Wisdom a mischievous look.

Wisdom assumed that her conversation with Sama was over as Sama was also seen coming towards his direction.

She gave a faint smile then said, “Hohnam came to me to explain again why she helped Kuuku. She is convinced that Kuuku wants to ask for my pardon. So… I should give him that chance…”

“But are you convinced, my lady? Do you trust him to allow him come close to you again? If you would ask for my opinion, my lady, I do not think it is a good idea give him an opening. I think that it will be disrespectful to the efforts and sacrifices made my Prince Jean.” Wisdom passionately expressed.

“I understand that Wisdom. I do understand. But… Let me just give him some minutes. Just to listen to his apology. And that will be it. I think I want to do that.”

Wisdom felt sad that Sama was beginning to make decisions which eventually would not help her or her relationship with the Prince. Yet,  he would not force the damsel to listen to his wise counsel.