Sama was hardly interacting with Wisdom. She knew that anytime Wisdom would come around, he would point out her mistakes to her. But he never stopped cautioning Sama, although she would turn a deaf ear to everything he said.

He warned her about the fire in the fireplace going out, and how he had observed Kuuku use damp wood for the fireplace. He warned her to send Kuuku out and never to open her doors for him. But Sama would barely listen. Wisdom always felt grieved because of Sama’s actions.


On her bed in her chamber one evening, Sama felt someone knock on her glass window. It was Kuuku. She quickly cradled herself with her robe as she was in a night wear.

“What is it? Why have you come up behind the window?” she asked him as she opened the window just a little. But Kuuku forced himself in.

“It is late. You shouldn’t be here by this time. And you shouldn’t even be in my chambers by now.” She said feeling uncomfortable.


Unknown to Sama, Prince Jean had already returned from the King’s assignment and was in the royal palace.

As he intended surprising her, Prince Jean sent for Sama’s parents from their town to the palace. And the idea of surprising Sama was welcomed by all, as Sama didn’t know that the Prince had returned.

And that night, a royal entourage went with the prince, the queen, the princess and Sama’s parents to where Sama’s mansion was. Prince Jean was so full of joy as he was going to see Sama soon.


Wisdom stood by the fireplace in tears. Sama couldn’t not keep the fire. What remained was just the smoldering pieces of damp wood with no flame, and which rather produced smoke.


“I… I can’t sleep Sama. I just cannot. I have just been thinking about you.” Kuuku said as he drew closer to her.
“I am sorry for all the pain and the hurt I put you through some time back, Sama. Truly, I shouldn’t have abused you. I shouldn’t have treated you as worthless. I should have cared for you… With so much tender.” He said as he began to caress her arms.

“And now, I don’t want to lose you Sama. I miss all those times that I had you in my arms.”

“Kuuku… I am for Prince Jean now… I am betrothed to him.” She said as she went back.

“I have heard that before, Sama. You were Prince Jean’s betrothed, yet you eloped with me…” he drew closer to her then whispered those words into her ears.

“I had you even when you were not my woman or my bride… Forget about all those times that I abused you… And remember those times that I had you in my arms… And my touch…” he gripped her  waist with one hand then caressed her arm with the other. “And I want you in that way now.”

Kuuku began to slip off her robe then played with her silky night gown.

“No… I cannot do this, Kuuku. I don’t want to be disloyal to the Prince. I don’t want to be unfaithful.” She said softly, but could barely hold herself back.

“You have always been unfaithful to him, Sama. Always been disloyal. You know that you flirt with me… ” He said to her seductively and tenderly.
“It is okay to be bad sometimes. And what is even the guarantee that the Prince is being loyal to you wherever he is? What is the assurance that he is going to come back for you?”


And so the royal entourage reached the place where Sama’s mansion was. The guards at the gate wanted to scream out in excitement that the Prince had arrived. But Prince Jean gestured them not to, since it was a surprise. Sama’s mother and father were delighted that Prince Jean was finally going to make their daughter his bride.

“I know you’ve waited for me, Sama… I am here now!” He said to himself with a smile.

But a scene Princess Jeanette saw caused her to be alarmed.

“Brother… What is that?”

Turning to the direction the Princess pointed, they saw what seemed to be like the shadow of a man and a woman behind the curtained window.

Prince Jean knew that be Sama’s window. He felt a sharp pain in his chest when he saw that.

Sama’s parents hoped that it was not what they were thinking as the Princess, the Queen and Prince Jean went into the mansion. It felt disgusting as from where they stood on the compound, they saw the two images draw closer to each other.


“Let me have you Sama. Let us have a passionate night. I know you’ve not had anyone this close in a long while…” He whispered again as he began to slip the straps of her night gown off her shoulders after her robe fell off.


Getting inside with his sister and his mother, and to the hall which had the fireplace, the Prince was saddened by what he saw! The fire in the fireplace was out, with the woods just smoldering! A spider had already begun to build its web at a corner of the fireplace. And the ashes filled the floor. He felt let down. Seeing Wisdom stand there with the tears in his eyes, Prince Jean knew that all wasn’t well.

Pushing on the door to Sama’s chamber, Prince Jean was horrified to see his betrothed, Sama, half naked, with her robe in the floor and her night wear lowered to the level of her waist, in the arms of another man who was kissing her passionately.  Prince Jean recognized the man to be Kuuku!

“What the heck is this? ” Princess Jeanette exclaimed, and that was when Sama and Kuuku even realized that they had come to the chamber. The Queen was repulsed by what she saw that she quickly left the scene with the Princess. And Kuuku fled  through the window, leaving Sama and Prince Jean alone in the room.

Sama was filled with shame and horror and she quickly took her robe on the floor to cover her nakedness. She began to shed tears and went down on her knees.

“Don’t come any close. Just don’t.” Prince Jean said to her. “I risked my life just to save you. I loved you regardless of all your past. I had come to take you with me to make you my bride. And the best reward I  get for all my sacrifice is for you to be unfaithful and disloyal to me with the very man who treated you as worthless? You could not wait for me, Sama! You could not keep our fire of love! You have betrayed my love! You have betrayed my sacrifice! Sama!”

“Prince Jean… I am sorry!” she said in tears.

“You are not sorry, Sama. You are not!”

And with that, the Prince just left with a broken heart.


“For still a little while (a very little while), and the Coming One will come and He will not delay.” Hebrews 10: 37 AMPC

Will Jesus find me waiting for Him in faithfulness at his coming? Or He will rather find me flirting with the world, in the grip of sin, and in the embrace of the devil?




“Wisdom is just an attention seeker, Sama. Do not pay attention to him.” Kuuku said to her. “I can play whatever role he is playing for you and even do more… More than you can ever imagine, Sama.”

“Please help me with the fireplace, then” Sama asked him.

“This fireplace and the fire here is signigicant of my love and devotion to Prince Jean… We lighted it a day before he left on the assignment. And I am to keep it flaming until he comes.”

“I see.” Kuuku said. He thought to himself that Sama was so dumb to think that he would help her keep the fire burning.

As Sama showed him the room in which he would  find wood for the fireplace, Kuuku quickly went to find Hohnam to ask her for a bucket of water.

He then began to soak all the wood in water, making them wet and damp. He did that without Sama knowing, and the plan was to make the fire go out gradually with the wet wood.


“This is my chamber….” Sama said after Kuuku had convinced her to take him into her chamber.

“I see…” Kuuku remarked as he looked around. “I guess the Prince finds great delight anytime he comes into this chamber.”

“The Prince? No, he hasn’t ever been to my chambers. Prince Jean really treats me with respect… He pledged not to ever have an intimate relationship with me until he makes me his bride.”

“You mean Prince Jean has never…?”

“No… We have never been sexually intimate. So he’s never been to this chamber… No man actually has come here before.” But after Sama said that, she realized she had taken Kuuku into her most intimate place: her chamber. She knew she had made a mistake, especially when the man she was betrothed to, had never even come to her chamber.

“Let’s leave here now.” She said, but Kuuku held her hand to stop her. He could think of nothing, but to lay with her. He felt happy within just thinking about how Prince Jean would feel should he get to know that he (Kuuku) has come into his territory and defiled that chamber by laying with the woman he (Prince Jean) was betrothed to.

But not long afterwards, there was a bang of the door. It was Hohnam.

“Lady Sama! Lady Sama! Princess Jeannette is here!”


Sama was scared to dead and did not know what to do. She knew that she would be in trouble should the Princess get to know that there was another man there.

“Leave through the window, Kuuku. Please leave!”

Quickly she went out to see the Princess as Kuuku left her chamber through the window.


“Princess Jeanette. I am so pleased to meet you.” Sama said as the two of them hugged, then went on to sit on the couch.

“The royal family received a letter from Prince Jean saying that you were ill. That is why I have come. How are you? Why did you not send for any of us to see you?”

Sama began to fidget.

“And where is Wisdom?” Princess Jeanette asked again when she realized that Hohnam stood by. “Who is this one?”

“Uh… Hohnam, please do ask Wisdom to come… And excuse us afterwards.” Sama said to Hohnam.

“I am sure Wisdom will be here soon, my Princess. But that is Hohnam. She is one of my servants.” Just then, Wisdom came in.

“Is she your aide now?” The Princess asked as she thought it strange to have Hohnam stand by.

“No! No! She isn’t.”

“You have to be careful with these servants… They can easily want to manipulate you if they realize that you are open with them. But know my brother gave you his best adjutant: Wisdom!” the princess said as she smiled at Wisdom.

But the Princess realized that Wisdom smiled less, and Sama looked tensed. Again, the hall had an unpleasant smell. It was Kuuku’s odor that lingered.

“I am very well now, Princess. It was a minor illness, and that is why I did not want to bother anyone.” Sama answered. Wisdom stared at her in amazement that she would tell the princess such a lie.

“I will let the Royal family know that you are fine then… But wait… What is that smell?”

“Uh… Smell?”

“Yes… there is this bad odor all over… What is it?”

“Uh… My Princess, we found a dead mouse in one of the halls. I guess that is the reason for the smell. I will make the servants quickly disinfect and clean.” Sama told other lie again. But she knew that Princess Jeanette wasn’t convinced.



“So… Where did you say your Prince is again? On an assignment for his father,  the King?” Kuuku asked Sama one day.

“Yes… And he will be coming back soon.” Sama replied.

“I see. He loves you so much , uh? I remember how he battled with me that night for you. And how he helped you to escape.” He said with a smirk, which Sama did not realize.
“But if he loves you that much, why would he leave you here alone, all in the name of going on an assignment?”

“He hasn’t left me here alone. He gave me his adjutant, Wisdom, to be with me until he comes.”

“That is why Wisdom is so protective of you, uh?” He grinned at her then looked intensely into her eyes. He then signaled Hohnam, who was with them to leave the hall.

“Prince Jean doesn’t know that I am here, right? He doesn’t know that his arch-rival is actually keeping his beloved Sama company, uh?” Kuuku inched closer to her still looking into her eyes. And that seemed to weaken her.

“Why? Why do you entertain me, Sama?” Kuuku began to whisper into her ears. “I think I know why…” he then held her waist. That caused Sama to quiver.

“Relax… Relax Sama… Just trust me… I am not going to hurt you… I know you have been betrothed to the Prince… But we all know that I have seen it all, and explored all of you. I remember the night I deflowered you, Sama. I remember all the nights that I lay with you… You gave me so much pleasure, Sama.” He continued to whisper into her ears. He held her so close to himself in his grip that Sama could barely move.

But just in that moment, Wisdom came there, sneezing and wheezing.  Sama,  upon seeing Wisdom got embarrassed then quickly let herself out of Kuuku’s grip.

“You know this is wrong! You know you don’t have to do this, Lady Sama! Why are you allowing him to get his hold on you?” Wisdom said strongly. “The fire at the fireplace which Prince Jean asked you to tend and keep alive is almost dying! You haven’t responded to any of his letters! Yet you are here? In the arms of this evil being?”

“Don’t talk against me!” Kuuku retorted.

“Keep quiet!” Wisdom rebuked Kuuku, even as he continued to sneeze.

Sama realizing that a scene was being created asked Kuuku to leave. “Please leave now Kuuku. Please leave.”



“My love, I haven’t received a response for any of my 7 letters sent to you. Is everything well? I long to hear from you.” Prince Jean’s letter to Sama one time read. She felt bad.

She then thought and wrote back to him stating that she had been ill, and as such she felt too weak to write a letter back to him, but that was as lie.


After a few days, Kuuku came back to the mansion again. Although Wisdom cautioned Sama not to, Sama still asked the keepers of her gate to open the gate when Kuuku pleaded with her. Wisdom hurriedly went inside in disgust.

As he went to the fireplace, Wisdom began to sneeze and wheeze again. He knew why. Sama was coming towards that direction with Kuuku.

“My Lady, I think you should let your guest excuse us, so we can tend the fireplace.” Wisdom said. “I can barely operate when he is here, and you know so.”

“This servant of yours is very arrogant!” Kuuku whimpered.

“I am not a servant! I am here as a representative of Prince Jean. And that is why I would want Lady Sama to listen to me, because I represent the Prince. Yet, I will not force her to. But if she really cherishes the love Prince Jean has for her, she would listen to me.”

“I came to see you Sama. You opened your gate for me. And I don’t think I am going to leave just because this one says so (referring to Wisdom) Is it not just adding wood to the fire? I can do that with you as we talk, Sama. Let this adjutant of yours rather excuse us.” Kuuku said to Sama convincingly.

“Wisdom… It is alright. I will be fine here with him.” She said as she asked Wisdom to excuse them.

His eyes reddened as  he continued to sneeze. Then he said, “I will not force you to, Lady Sama. I will not force you to listen to me. If you truly love someone, you would want to listen to the person and honor the person. If you truly love Prince Jean, you would listen to me. Perhaps, you forget that the Prince will be returning soon. And so you flirt with another man.”

“I am not flirting, Wisdom. He only comes to visit.”

“Visit? If his intentions are good, how come you have kept his visits hidden from Prince Jean? You are playing with fire, Lady Sama.” And with that, Wisdom left.