​​2 years ago, I wrote a poem  for the  Orca Mother’s Day Poetry Challenge which I  dedicated to my mum Mrs.  Faustina Budu-Arthur.  And guess what?  My poem won!  

And on this day as we celebrate mothers,  I’ll share the poem again just to say Happy Mothers’  Day to all mothers.😍👩



I remember the times when out of exuberance

I would rebel and your love I would repel

I remember my moments of ‘Mum, I know it all’

And thus,  your counsel I wouldn’t take at all


Yet, through it all

Your smiles never faded

Your prayers never receded

Your discipline always guided

Your tenderness still engirded 



Your love has been like a brilliant glow

Like a river there hasn’t ever been  a dwindle in its flow

Like music there hasn’t  ever been a decrease in it’s tempo

Your love, so full and colorful as the rainbow

With each color as a facet of motherhood; so deep as marrow


Mum knows best; Mum smiles best

Mum laughs best; Mum cries best

Mum loves best; Mum counsels best

For mum is just the best! 




Is a mother’s love


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