They didn’t speak to each other for several minutes after they got to his hut. For Prince Jean, the reason wasn’t out of anger. He was only overwhelmed that the woman he loved dearly was being abused, and sadly, she could not accept the true love he had for her.

Sama sobbed as she sat  on the stool the Prince had offered her in his hut.  The cloak Prince Jean had covered her with because her own clothes were torn apart by the other man was soaked with tears.

And as he excused her by leaving the hut, he asked Sama to put on a dress which he seemed to have brought along when he was coming to the village. She figured that the Prince had made all that provision for her even before he got to the village.

She could understand her tears: she felt dirty before the Prince to whom she was betrothed. And she felt ashamed that he would do all that for her despite how unfaithful she had been.


It was about 3 hours past sunset. Kuuku was in deep thoughts as he tossed and turned on the mat. He could not sleep as he found himself thinking about all that had happened earlier on in the day.

“Who is that stranger? Who is this shepherd who’s always there to give sheep and goats to have Sama?” he thought.

Kuuku remembered how angrily this stranger had looked at him when he refused to accept his bid to have Sama for the night.

“He called me a beast… He called me evil… He looked concerned about the girl…” Kuuku reasoned. “There is something fishy about all this!”


After a while when Prince Jean returned to the hut,  he found Sama still crying.

“Please stop crying! It hurts me to see you sad!” He finally managed to say to Sama.

“I am willing to hold you close! I am willing to wipe your tears. But you just will not let me!”

“How… How can I just accept this? I feel condemned before you! My past! My unfaithfulness and my conscience condemns me! How can I lift up my head to look into the eyes of someone who is so loving and so pure in heart like you? How can I hold you or touch you with this body of mine which has been abused by Kuuku and by other men?” Sama said as she wept.

“I ran away from your love! I turned my back at you! I forgot about all the promises I had made to you as I replied the letters you wrote to me! I forgot my pledge to remain faithful to you as I was betrothed to you! And now, for my sake you offer so much just to rescue me?”

As she spoke he turned towards her then walked to her. “Sama… ” He softly called as he knelt beside her and gently touched her chin. He then lifted up her head and looked into her tear-filled eyes. With his hands he wiped away the tears.

I will lay down my life if that will mean saving you! I will even die for you if I have to! That’s how much I have loved you! My love for you is relentless. It’s unconditional. My love for you doesn’t fade. I don’t hate you because of your past or because of the wrong things you’ve done.” He said to her tenderly. “It’s okay. You can just tell me that you are sorry, if you genuinely are! Then just allow me into your heart again! Allow me to love you again!”

“Prince Jean… It’s hard for me to even accept myself! I feel like I don’t deserve your love!”

“Sama… See, forget about the past! It’s gone! But I can’t give up on you! The love I have for you is so strong that I will even lay down my life for you! I choose you! I choose to love you unconditionally! I chose to forgive you and not to remember your past anymore! I choose to have a new life with you! A life where you will dedicate all your love just to me! All I desire, is for you to accept me, and to pledge your love and faithfulness just to me!” He said as he looked intently into her eyes.

“I’m so sorry my Prince! I am so sorry for being unfaithful and for not loving you! I am sorry for compromising and for offering my love and my body to another. Please forgive me!” Sama burst out

“I forgive you, my darling! I forgive you and I will remember it no more!”

“Thank you for not giving up on me! And I accept all your love and all your sacrifice Prince Jean!” She said to him as she held on to his arms.

She realized that her heart has for long been longing for true love and acceptance. And in Prince Jean, she was finding all that again. Her heart was at peace with him.

“I will love you again with my whole being! I will live just for you, and I will honor you… I love you Prince Jean!” Sama finally declared.

“This is what I’ve been longing to hear, Sama! I love you so much too! I pledge to you my faithfulness and my undying love! I will love you till the end! For I choose to love you now and always!” And with that, the Prince embraced her.



‘Though this is the end of ‘My Loved One’,  I believe that a sequel to this story is needful.  And before the year ends I hope to be able to work on a sequel.  

But for this season,  I believe these 24 episodes tell a story with a theme.  

I know many of us were not understanding why Sama just couldn’t accept the Prince’s love when she finally got to know that it was him.  To Sama,  she didn’t deserve his love. But as the writer of this story,  I could understand why.

Have you ever been in that position where you felt like you keep sinning and disappointing God  and that you don’t deserve his love? 

Have you ever had to struggle with guilt so much so that you felt like God wouldn’t even want to hear your voice in prayer?  Have you ever felt like ‘my sins are beyond God’s pardon’ ? I’ve been there before!  That was just how Sama felt. And so she sunk into hopelessness and wallowed in condemnation.

And even in our days,  most people find themselves wallowing  in their sins and unable to go back to God because they feel like they’ve failed God so much! 

Most people feel like they’ve not kept their promise of devotion, of faithfulness or of purity to God,  and as such they don’t deserve God’s love and mercies anymore. 

Most people have the enemy filling their thoughts with fear that God is so angry with them.  And just as Sama wanted to run back home several times but couldn’t gather the courage to do that because Kuuku instilled fear and guilt in her,  so are many people unable to run back to  God or even accept his love! 

But today I want us to know and to believe that you are the reason why Jesus came.  And that he loves you with an everlasting love! His love never gives up on you!  His arms are open wide to receive you,  no matter how low you’ve fallen or how far away from him you’ve gone.  


Yes this is in scripture!  This is in the Bible!  

He calls you ‘Ruhamah’,  meaning ‘My Loved One’.  For you truly are his loved one!  He is near.  And as you remember the man who hung on the cross for you, just  know that you’re worth his sacrifice and his love! 

You are loved’


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017



Thanks for following this series!  Much blessings! 



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