“You?” He yelled at the person at the door of his hut. “What do you want?”

“Yes! Me!”

“What do you want again?”

“I want the girl in your hut!” the person at the door said as he pushed the man aside and entered the hut. Sama lifted up her head when she saw that someone had entered the hut. It was Prince Jean!

“I want the girl! Let me have her!” Prince Jean said as he turned to look at the man.

“No! You cannot interrupt my action! You’ve been enjoying this girl for long because you always had the highest bid! Her owner generously gave her to me today! It’s my turn today!”

“Let me have her! I will give you…”Prince Jean began to say but was quickly interjected by the man.

“Give me what Mr. Stranger? Sheep? Goat? Like you’ve been doing always?  You cannot win me over with anything! I happen to be a vegetarian! So I don’t need your goats or your sheep!”

“I will give you gold!”



“Yes! I will give you gold!” Prince Jean repeated again but the man began to laugh out loud. 

“Just let her go!”

“You? Give me gold? Just look at you! A keeper of sheep! Do you know gold?” the man said behaving as though Prince Jean’s offer was cracking him up!

“But who would even offer gold to have this girl? This cheap thing!” the man said again pointing to Sama who was still on the floor sadly.

“You dare not call her cheap! You dare not say a word against her! You dare not!” Prince Jean said sternly which got the man intimidated.

“Alright! Alright! Take it easy!” the man said. “Well, let me go one round with her! Just one round! I’ll be very quick! Afterwards you can take her away!” He meant to have just one round of sex with Sama!

“Over my dead body will you touch her!” Prince Jean threatened.
Sama could sense the seriousness with which Prince Jean spoke; she could not understand why he loved her so.

And as he took out a bar of gold which seemed to have hypnotized the man, Prince Jean took Sama by the hand and walked with her out of the man’s hut.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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