“I said no!” Kuuku said sternly to the stranger (Prince Jean).

“I’m not accepting whatever you will offer today. Maybe next time! But today I feel like allowing another man to have a taste of her!” Kuuku sneered as he turned to look at Sama who was already looking horrified.

Prince Jean was vexed. He wanted to strangle Kuuku there and then.

“You are a beast!” he said to Kuuku. “You are evil to be treating her this way!”

Kuuku was shocked! “And who are you to call me all that? What guts do you have? This woman here is mine; she obeys me and I will do to her whatever that so pleases me!” Kuuku fired back. “I can use her for whatever I want, and nobody can stop me!”

And as the man who was to offer the cocoyam leaves stepped forward, Kuuku accepted it and then gave Sama away to him!


“Why do stand over there as though you don’t know what to do? I gave your man some cocoyam leaves, and you know what that means! Don’t waste my time! Take off your dress!” The man who had offered cocoyam leaves to Kuuku ordered Sama when he took her to his hut.

Sama was frightened as the lanky man stared at her waiting for her to obey his command.

Then he began to undress. Sama could not stand the smell from his armpit when he extended his arms and stretched. She felt nauseous. Yet she was scared. She felt ashamed when she remembered how Kuuku did not accept Prince Jean’s offer; she began to think to herself that the Prince should be feeling disgusted knowing that she was in another man’s hut getting ready to sleep with him. She felt dirty!

“What are you waiting for?” The man said to her as he pinned her against the wall of the hut and grabbed her two arms!

“You want me to rip your clothes off? You want me to tear them off with my teeth?” He said as he showed her his teeth which were brownish and had broken edges. Sama only wished to die!

“Please… Please…” Sama began to say tearfully.

“You’re mine for the night! I can see you are a beautiful girl! And you will satisfy me all night long!” he sneered as he threw her onto the floor!

He then began to untie his pants impatiently as he started to walk towards her. Sama shed tears as he pinned her onto the ground and began to rip off her clothes.

But suddenly there was a loud bang on the door of the man’s hut which alerted the man.

Angrily he got off Sama, and holding on to his loosened pants he went to the door! Sama cradled herself tearfully with her dress which was now torn into shreds.


“You?” He yelled at the person at the door of his hut.

“What do you want?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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