“No Sama… I don’t hate you! The only thing I have for you is love!”

“No… I can’t accept it! I can’t be loved! I can’t be reached! There is nothing about me to cause the prince to come looking for me! It can’t just be! ” Sama cried.

After a long pause as to what looked like she being in deep thoughts, she looked at him in bewildment! She remembered what Kuuku said to her, that the Crown Prince and the Royal family may even be searching for her to prosecute her for humiliating them. She began to think that that was the reason why the Crown Prince had come looking for her: to punish her, and not because he loved her still.

And as he tried getting closer, Sama staggered towards the wall of the hut.

“Please… Please don’t kill me! I know you have been looking for me just to retaliate for all the disgrace I caused you and the royal family! You have come to punish me by death! Please! Please don’t kill me!”

“No!” He exclaimed in dismay.

“Sama! I am only here to save you because I love you! I love you, Sama! I am not here to kill you! You are my betrothed! You are the one I love! Sama, I left my wealth and honor and majesty and everything associated with royalty just to save you! Just to be with you! Just to let you know that I have not given up on you!” He said sentimentally as he knelt beside her and held her hands.
Sama couldn’t look at him in the eyes anymore. She only cried.

“No… Please… I am not worthy of this. I am not worthy of you, Prince Jean. I don’t deserve this loving kindness from you! I have been used! I have been abused! I look horrible! I have lost my dignity! I have been trampled upon my many! Your family won’t accept me, because I can’t even accept myself!”

“But I accept you Sama, I accept you just as you are! Regardless of all that has happened I still accept you and I still love you!”

“No Prince Jean! Please, leave me to wallow in my hopelessness and worthlessness!”

“Sama… Please say no more! I cherish you still! You may say that I am blinded by love! But since the very first and the last time we saw each other as little children, I just knew it in my heart that it is you I would want to share my throne and royalty with!”

“No! No! It is hard for me to just accept that regardless of my past you would still love me! My past will forever hunt me! It will always remind me that I don’t deserve you! I am worthless! Kuuku tells me that every time! That I am worth nothing! For a tuber of yam! For a few oranges other men have seen my nakedness! I don’t deserve mercy from you, my Prince. I don’t even deserve your love!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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