“No! I’m not eating anything! I won’t eat anything until you tell me who you are, and what you want from me! Why do you care about me?”

He sighed, then got up to take his guitar again. Sama just sat there hoping for a response.

“Some years ago…” the stranger began to say. “I wrote a beautiful song for the woman I love. I could never get the chance to sing the song for her. So, I only let her know the words. I asked her to forever treasure those words in her heart, because on the day I meet her I will sing the song for her…”

Sama was confused. She wondered what all that had got to do with her.

But he began to play his guitar, and he sang the words of the song saying, “Let everything else fade away. My love for you will never die! Nothing can separate you from my love! My love for you is everlasting!

Sama suddenly looked horrified as this stranger looked into her eyes and sang the song.

She knew those words! She had memorized those words before! She remembered! She remembered that in one of the letters Prince Jean had written to her in the past, he shared those words with her, telling her to keep the words in her heart, and that they were the words of the song he would sing to her someday when he gets to see her.

Shaking her head severally she looked more confused and hoped that all that was happening would be a dream.


“No! No! This can’t be! It can’t be!” Sama buried her head in her palms then began to sob. “No, you can’t be him!”

“Sama!” He called out her name and that gave her goose bumps! “Sama… Yes… It is me… It is Jean!”

“No! No! This can’t be real! This can’t be happening!” Sama screamed out as she ran to the corner of the hut

“No, this can’t be! He won’t come looking for me! After all that I did to him? I disgraced him and his entire family! He hates me now! No! Prince Jean won’t come looking for me.”

Prince Jean was sad seeing Sama punish herself with so much guilt.

“No Sama… I don’t hate you! The only thing I have for you is love!”

She just could not accept it that the Prince would come looking for her. So Prince Jean had been this perfect stranger all along delivering her from being prostituted. Prince Jean was that stranger who would offer goats and rams every time just to save her from Kuuku’s antics!

“No… I can’t accept it! I can’t be loved! I can’t be reached! There is nothing about me to cause the Prince to come looking for me! It can’t just be! ” Sama cried.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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