She felt a wrung towel placed on her forehead and on her temples as she slightly opened her eyes. She didn’t wonder for long to become aware of where she was. She realized it was a place that she was familiar with.

As Sama tried to remember what had happened, her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a sweet melody of a guitar. It was the sweetest melody she had ever heard. And it was being played by this stranger.

Sama turned to look at him as he passionately played. She found it strange that a keeper of sheep would keep a guitar in that village.

When he realized that Sama had regained consciousness, he turned to look at her. And for the second time their eyes met again. His eyes spoke of much tenderness. Sama looked away in embarrassment as tears began to fill her eyes. Putting his guitar away, this stranger drew closer to her in his hut.


“You’re awake now. I am sorry. You fainted, and fell on the path. I did not know what to do when I saw you in that state. That is why I decided to bring you here. I am glad you’ve opened your eyes now.”

Taking the towel off her face, he offered Sama some water to drink.

“No… I… I have to go!  I think my… I think he may be looking for me now!” Sama said as she tried to get up, but she was out of strength.

“No… See, you are weak. Rest some more! I have prepared a meal for you too. You look hungry!”

Sama lifted up her head and looked at his face. He saw her eyes being filled with tears, and that got him sad.

“Who… Who are you? Why have you taken so much interest in me? Why do you keep rescuing me?  Why are you always there for me? You don’t even know my name! I am treated just like a harlot!  Why are you this concerned about me?”

Without saying a word, he got up then returned to her with a bowl of food for her to eat.

“No! No,  I’m not eating anything! I won’t eat anything until you tell me who you are, and what you want from me! Why do you care about me?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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