The princess’ eyes were filled with tears as her father lamented. Her twin brother, Prince Jean, had left the palace in search of the woman he had always loved: Sama.

Although the King forbade Prince Jean, his love for Sama was so consuming that he could not do anything than to go out in search for her, though he had no idea as to where Sama was.

The Odonnsada Royal Family felt greatly humiliated by Sama’s actions on the day they had gone to see her family to perform the traditional marriage rites.

At the marriage grounds, as Sama’s mother came out in tears saying that they could not find Sama, one of the inhabitants had quickly rushed from his farm to the grounds saying that he had seen Sama running away with one of the deviants in the town whose name was Kuuku.

Apparently, Kuuku was one of the deviants in the town and went by a nickname unknown to Sama. Sama knew very little about him. And she only got carried away because Kuuku was a smooth talker.

The compound of the Adepas was chaotic on that day. Sama’s father felt greatly humiliated and fainted out of shock. Prince Jean was baffled. Why would the woman he loved so much bring such shame to him and to the royal family on the day of their wedding?

Everyone could not believe that Sama would actually run away with a good for nothing like Kuuku. The chief and the elders of the town who had all gathered to witness that solemnization were greatly dishonored. The Odonnsada Royal Family out of shock had left the compound.

And even though it had almost been almost a year, Prince Jean could not get over Sama. Kings from other kingdoms had offered to give their daughters to him in marriage, but the Crown Prince just wanted Sama, something which the King and the Queen could not tolerate as they could still feel the pain of humiliation Sama subjected them to.

Princess Jeanette had even offered that the Prince comes to the States for a while just to get over it, but he declined. He only kept saying that Sama was the only woman he loves and will ever love.

And now, it had been days since the prince left the palace in search for Sama. A few days after he disobliged not to go searching for Sama, the old King suddenly took ill. For that matter, Princess Jeanette, who was the eldest daughter had to quickly come down from the states.

As the princess saw her father in that state, her anger towards Sama and the Adepa family was quickened.

“Father…” She said as the king heaved a sigh. “Father… Brother will come back soon. He sent me a message, saying that he is sorry. And that he will come home soon, father. Prince Jean will come home soon.”

The princess took out her phone and showed to the King and the Queen a text Prince Jean had sent to her.

It said, “Princess Jeanette. Tell my father the King and my mother the Queen that I am sorry. But I realized that I couldn’t live without Sama. I know they detest to hear me mention her name, but I just can’t do without her. I know I will find her soon. And I will come home soon. Love, Jean.”

The king after reading the text turned his face to the side in anguish, then closed his eyes.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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