The king after reading the text turned his face to the side in anguish, then closed his eyes. 

The queen thought he had passed away, but they realized that he was still breathing, and that brought some calmness to them.

“He probably wants to rest for a while.” Jeanette whispered to the Queen.

“Let’s go Mum.”  With that the two royal ladies left the King’s chambers.


“I pray Prince Jean returns home soon.” said the Queen in desperation.

“Mother! I really would talk some sense into the Prince’s head when he returns home. How can the Crown Prince lay aside royalty and majesty just to search for someone who does not deserve his love? She hurt him! She humiliated him! She treated him as a piece of trash, and yet still he loves her! I just don’t understand mother! After all the humiliation that girl took the family through, he still went all out in search for her? I just can’t fathom!”

“I know Princess. I just wonder what manner of love he has for her. The girl’s parents passed by some days back. They could not even lift up their heads.” The Queen said to her as they walked towards the lounge.

“What do they want, mother? They had the guts to come here? I would have sacked them if they had come to meet me!” she said with anger blazing in her eyes as she later excused the queen then left for her room.

Although the queen not happy with all that happened at the marriage ceremony between Prince Jean and Sama, she was becoming concerned that the Princess detesting the Adepa family.

However, she was happy that Jeanette was able to reach her brother. She was happy that at least she got to hear from her son. And she only longed to see him soon.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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