The royal convoy which  had gone to pick up Princess Jeanette from the airport quickly entered the palace yard as the palace guards opened the gates to welcome them in. The chief servant who was in one of the vehicles quickly got down to open the door for Princess Jeanette to step out. 

Princess Jeanette had had sleepless nights ever since she got to hear that her father, the King, had suddenly taken ill after her twin brother, Prince Jean left home in search of the love which she believed wasn’t worth pursuing.

As the Princess entered the palace, she was met by the Queen and some other servants.


“Mother…” Princess Jeanette run to embrace the Queen.

“Princess… Good to have you here!”

She realized that the queen’s  eyes were filled with sadness.

“Mother… I could not bear staying a day longer in the States after you told me that father’s condition was deteriorating… How is he? Where is he, mother?”


As her mother led her to the King’s chambers, she approached her father,  the King,  who lay on his bed motionless.

“Father… My King…” She said softly as she knelt beside his bed.
“Please… It is me… Open your eyes Father.” And as she spoke, her father opened his eyes then looked at her face.

“Princess… Jeanette… My Princess” he said with a shaky voice. The queen just stood by and hoped that the king would soon recover from the sudden illness. She again hoped that her son Prince Jean would come back home soon. 

“Yes Father… It’s me…”

“Your brother… Your brother… Where is Prince Jean? He left me… He left me!”

Jeanette looked at the face of the queen not knowing what to say. She got vexed the more that her brother neglected the royal family just to search for Sama.

After a long pause, she said to him, “Father, Please pardon Jean… and please stay strong… Jean will come home soon… He will come home soon, Father!”

“What is the proof? He left me… He left this kingdom…”The embittered king said with his voice becoming hoarse.

“He left everything! Just to search for a woman who only scorned and disgraced the royal family! For a woman who would choose to be with a vagabond than to be with him! He left me for a woman who did not love him!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

WordPress:   https://dorothybuduarthur.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/dorothybuduarthur.blog/


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