Sama felt confounded. Had he not given to Kuuku 2 fattened sheep to sleep with her for the night? Why was this stranger saying that he was going to bed then? Why was he being loving and caring? What was this stranger planning?”

Within her field of vision, she realized that the stranger in whose hut she was spending the night lit a lantern. The fire in the fireplace however glowed softly to keep the hut warm.

After that, he went to lie on his bedding and slept facing the mud wall of the room.

Sama was still confused. The stranger had still not made any sexual advances towards her. Why would he make such a costly offer to Kuuku then? Who was he?

She remembered his gentle and tender palms which he used to clean her the wounds on her legs.

“Which keeper of sheep could have such soft palms?” she asked herself.
She could not remember the last time she felt such tenderness. She had gotten acquainted with Kuuku’s abuse with his hardened palms and hands which never failed to hit her every time.

She started feeling relieved by the balm this stranger had applied to her legs. Making sure not to wake him up, she took some of the balm which he had left beside her bedding, then massaged her neck and her face with it.

And not so long afterwards, she began to doze. But since she had resolved in her mind not to lay on the bedding the stranger had arranged for her, she drew nearer to the wall of the hut, then leaned her head against it to sleep.



She was not deeply asleep. She could see a figure of a shadow. It then started to come towards where she sat in the hut. She started getting tensed. It was this stranger who was up and was coming towards her. Her heart began to beat fast as she slightly opened her eyes.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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