“What nonsense are you telling me?” Kuuku yelled at Sama who was explaining to him why she could not come back home with any farm produce.

“The… The rainstorm! It destroyed most of the fruited crops!” Sama who was gripped with fear said.

“And what of the plantain? What about that?” he asked her again in an angry tone.

Sama looked confused. “The plantain… The plantain… I don’t know but…”

“You don’t know?” he asked angrily as he gave her a resounding slap leaving Sama’s face reddened. Sama crouched in agony.

“You don’t know?”

“I… It fell… It fell! And…And I think someone has stolen the plantain from the tree. I went there quickly after the rain storm subsided and it was gone!”

“You good for nothing girl! I know what to do to you, you fool! I will drag you to the market square again!” he said as he angrily began to choke her!

“No! No! Please no! Please don’t take me there!  Please!” Sama pleaded. She knew what being dragged to the market square in that small village meant.

“Shut up! I’ll trade you for one night like  a harlot!   That is your punishment for not making food available for me to eat! ” Kuuku aggressively dragged her by her long hair out of their hut, and made way to the market square.

“Please! Please have mercy! Please don’t take me to the market square! ”

” I don’t know mercy!” he yelled again as he dragged her away.



“Bring anything! Just bring anything! A tuber of yam! A cap of rice! And have this woman for one night! Yes!  I’ll make her your sex slave for one night!   She isn’t worth much! Bring anything! She’s worthless! Come bargain to have this girl for a night!” Kuuku screamed out loud as he got to the market, calling on men to trade her for one night.

That was the second time Kuuku had taken her to the market square treating her like a prostitute.
The first time Kuuku took just 2 fingers of plantain from the man who won the bargain. And Sama was sexually abused throughout the night by the said man.

She cried her heart out and bowed down her head in anguish. Soon some men paraded and began to bargain with what they would offer to sleep with her for one night as Kuuku was offering!

“2 eggs!” one man shouted!

“A bowl of roasted corn!” Another said.

“Cat meat!” “Chewing stick!” “Firewood!”

And it went on and on! Sama could not lift up her head as her dignity as a woman was being trampled on in public.

But as the bargaining continued a voice from the crowd shouted to the shock of everyone, “2 rams!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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