“Sama! Sama!” Her worried mother called out her name, but there still was no response.

They forced the door open! And to their surprise, they found all the bridal adornment and the shoes on the floor of the washroom, with the window opened!

Sama had ran away!


The sharp pain she felt at her back due to the heavy load she had to carry from the farmland to the hut brought her out of her state of reminiscence about how Kuuku had deceived her to run away from her family on her wedding day!  Sama  couldn’t help but start to cry as she sat in front of the miserable hut remembering how her plight began.

A few weeks after they got to the village in which they currently resided, Kuuku showed nothing but hostility towards Sama! Sama could not understand why he had promised her so much love, yet he now treated her like a slave.
Kuuku  always called her a fool for falling for his antics! He told her of how he made a bet to be the man to deflower her without paying her bride price! 

He told her of how he only wanted to dishonor her since she looked like one who upheld purity and morality. But he realized now that she was cheap and could be easily swayed by words! 

Kuuku only treated her as a slave! He only treated her as rug! All she did was labor for him on the farmland, then satisfy his sexual appeal every time. And whenever Sama protested, she got beaten and abused by Kuuku!

Anytime he would realize that Sama was pregnant, he would force her to drink some preparations which would make the pregnancy pass.
At just the age of 21, Sama’s beauty had faded! She looked old and worn out.

And as she sat hopelessly in front of the hut, she missed Prince Jean! She could not remember his face, but she could still remember all the love he promised her. She remembered all the letters they used to write to each other. 

She remembered his signature with the end note” I have loved you with an everlasting love! I pledge my undying faithfulness to you!” He added that to all of his letters to her. 

She remembered the words of the poem Prince Jean composed for her on her 20th birthday! She regretted betraying his love, and causing him and the royal family so much shame and humiliation!

She wondered if Prince Jean would ever forgive her! She wondered if he would ever come searching for her! She wondered if he still had everlasting love for her! She wondered if she’ll ever find love again!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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