“He’s coming down to perform the marriage rites in 40 days’ time. Prince Jean is coming to marry me!” Sama interjected.
Then Kuuku suddenly went quiet. Sama wondered if he was still tarrying behind her window. She whispered his name several times, yet there wasn’t any response.

Getting up from the floor she sat on, she flung the window open, stretched her neck out, only to see Kuuku sitting on the ground with tears in his eyes. Kuuku made her feel sad.

“Kuuku…” She had called his name in a sad tone. “I am sorry. I told you that I am betrothed to him. And I really can’t do anything about it! I hope you find someone to love you back!”

“Be mine Sama!” Kuuku said as he quickly got up and grabbed her two hands forcibly. “Love me! Don’t marry the Crown Prince! I can offer you love Sama! I will make you happy! I will give you everything you need! Run away with me, Sama! Run away with me!”

His eyes were reddened as he said this. Sama saw desperation in his eyes and that scared her.

“Run away with me Sama! I will give you a happy life!”


“Sama! Sama! What is all that noise coming from your room?” Sama’s mother suddenly screamed out from the inner compound of their house. Kuuku quickly fled and Sama shut the window close.

“Ma it’s nothing! Everything is fine Ma!” she said in response to her mum who was now standing by her door.  The sound of receding footsteps gave her the hint that her mother was returning to her room.


However, Sama was getting confused. Should she trust all that Prince Jean had said to her in all the letters he wrote to her, and the love he professed for her? Or should she give her heart to Kuuku who was also promising her love?



Soon the long awaited day for Sama Adepa’s traditional marriage to Prince Jean arrived. The Adepa family’s compound was greatly adorned and filled with many well-wishers from the town.  With Sama being one of the prettiest and well brought up girls in the town, everyone was happy for her. Her brothers and her cousins welcomed the guests who came in.

The chief and the queen mother of the town were also in attendance, as Opanyin Adepa, Sama’s father was a well-known and respected man in the town.

Sama was in a room with her mother and some of her aunts as they got her ready for the ceremony. She looked stunning and her eyes sparkled so beautifully.

Soon the Odonnsada Royal family arrived in the royal convoy. Nobody had to tell somebody they were a rich family just by looking at the sleek cars which entered the compound. Their presence changed the whole atmosphere. They exuded royalty in humility.

Soon His royal highness, the King, and her majesty the queen stepped out of their car with their servants quickly flanking their sides.

The other members of the royal family also stepped out: the princes and the princesses. And then finally, the crown prince himself, Prince Jean also got down from his car.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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