The Adepa family house was filled with drumming, music and dancing to welcome the Odonnsada Royal family.

Sama’s mother together with her father quickly went to welcome the Royal family. They felt honored by their presence. The chief, queen mother and also some elders and family members followed to welcome the Royal family. The whole atmosphere was filled with joy as the Royal family was ushered in to take their seats. Prince Jean looked very happy! He couldn’t wait for the marriage rites between him and Sama to be finalized. He wondered how beautiful she would be looking. He longed to see her.

Soon, the Adepa family linguist, one of Sama’s uncles, who was the Master of Ceremonies took the stage and the ceremony began. His personality, and his vehement effort to speak the Queen’s language added so much humor to the ceremony.

Sama’s mother went in to the house to tell her sister who stood at the doorway to Sama’s room, “Tell Sama to get ready! She will be called soon!” Sama’s mother was beaming with smiles as she could not hold back her excitement of seeing that day!


And so, after announcing the purpose of gathering and introducing all the guests and dignitaries, the Odonnsada Royal family made it known to the Adepa family and all gathered of their intention to now complete the marriage rites between their son Prince Jean and Sama.  Prince Jean was reintroduced to the guests.

The royal family also displayed the items which were part of the dowry to ask for Sama’s hand in marriage. Mr. Adepa beamed with smiles as he took a look at the parcels and envelops. He nodded several times in excitement.

And as the MC beckoned the Adepa family to present the bride, Sama’s mother quickly went inside with some of the women in the family and some of Sama’s female cousins to usher Sama in to the ceremonial grounds with appellations.


“Ah! But where is Sama?” Her mother exclaimed as she did not see her when she entered the room.

“She left for the washroom some minutes ago! I think she was becoming nervous!” One of Sama’s aunties had said.

“Let’s check on her! She will be called any moment from now! Prince Jean can’t wait to see her!”

However, when they got to the door of the washroom, they knocked on the door several times but there was no response.

“Sama! Sama!” Her worried mother called out her name, but there still was no response.

They forced the door open! And to their surprise, they found all the bridal adornment and the shoes on the floor of the washroom, with the window opened!

Sama had ran away!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017


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