Quickly getting back with the chair, Sama’s father had asked her to be present for the discussion since it was going to be about her.

“Yes, as I was saying, a little after you left for the market this morning, a young man came from the city with a message from the royal family. It was a pleasant message.” Sama’s father had said with a smile. They however did not realize that Sama was jittery.

“We all know that the Odonnsada Royal family has been of great help to us, particularly because of the Crown Prince: Prince Jean to whom you have been betrothed.” He continued to say addressing Sama at the end.

“We all know how they’ve been supportive in your education, Sama! And now since you’ve become of age, and Prince Jean is also a grown up now, the Odonnsada Royal family desires to come down to have the final customary marriage rites performed. Then afterwards Prince Jean will take you with him to the city. You’ll receive tertiary education so as to help him run his family enterprise as his wife!”

Sama’s mother who had been so excited by the news got up then began to dance in jubilation.
“Sama! Your husband will soon be coming for you o! My daughter is going to be married into the royal family o! Royals will be coming to our house to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage!”

She was happy her daughter was finally going to be married by the Crown Prince. Sama somewhat was not happy; she only  feigned to be.

Throughout the day Sama seemed to be in deep thoughts. Her mother did realize, but had thought that her daughter was already thinking about how marriage and life in the city will be. She began to tease her saying that she soon will be seeing her grandchildren. Sama however was not thinking about that! She was disturbed, but her parents seemed not to have realized.

In the evening, as they all retired to bed, Sama got to her room then pulled out the wrap in which she had kept all the letters Prince Jean had written to her over the years. She went through some of the poems he had composed for her.
Though they had only seen each other when they were very little, Prince Jean made every effort to stay in touch with her by writing letters to her. Sama did well to reply all his letters to. She soon knew within her heart that he loved her. She could trust him; she began to like him as much as he also liked her.

And everything seemed to be going on well for Sama and Prince Jean until one of the young men in the town began to make advances at Sama. His name was Kuuku.
Although Sama made it clear to him that she was betrothed to the crown prince of the Odonnsada royal family, this young man called Kuuku was resilient, and was bent on wooing her.

As she packed the letters back into the wrap and was about retiring to bed, she heard the usual whisper of her name behind her small window!
“Sama… Sama…”

She just knew who it was. “Kuuku…”She said in a murmur then gave a sigh! 


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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