“Sama… Sama I know you can hear me! I know you’re still awake! Please open the window… I am sick of love for you Sama!” Kuuku had  said again in a low tone.

As it had been so for the past few days: Sama would always open the window of her room which was towards the back of their house for Kuuku anytime he came to stand behind her window. She would open it gently and just a little enough for them to hear each other.

Sama wasn’t happy with that kind of game. She knew that her parents would be angry should they get to know that she was friends with another boy in the town. But she couldn’t help it: Kuuku was relentless like a hunter in pursuit of his prey.

Kuuku had a way of coaxing her to do things she would not even feel like doing. Maybe it was because he was a sweet talker.



“Yes I can hear you… Why do you always choose to come in the night when it’s late and dark?” she had asked him.

“It is because I am able to express my love best at night… I want to be your glow in the dark! That way my voice, and the expression of my love would be the only light for you in the dark, my queen!”

“Hmm!” Sama sighed. “I’ve told you to stop calling me all that! I am not your queen!”

“But I have a feeling that you like it when I call you all that. You are the queen of my heart, girl!”
Kuuku was really crafty with words, and that was one thing with which he knew he could possibly win Sama over.

“I have asked you to forget about me… I barely know you. I don’t even know where you stay, or your family… Nothing about your background.”

“That isn’t a problem, Sama. You can easily know all that. All I want is your love!” he said desperately.

“Why don’t you ever give up? See, I have been betrothed to someone else! I am for him, so just forget about me!” Sama said but rather weakly.

“Queen of my paradise… Fragrance from my garden! How can I forget about you? How can I? Since the first day I set my eyes on you, I haven’t been myself. All I’ve wanted is to make you mine… To overwhelm you with my love… To sweep you over with the true affection I have for you!” he said to her in a flirtatious tone. “You’ve been all I want Sama! You are the only woman I want to be with!”


“You saturate my thoughts Sama… You’re my addiction! Forget about that Prince from the City whom you don’t even remember the last time you set eyes on! I am sure he’s already found a damsel for himself in the city, and he will only make you his concubine and maltreat you…That Prince you’ve been betrothed to won’t make you happy, Sama.  But I will make you the Queen of my heart, Sama! I will love you! I will protect you! Let me be your man! I want to treat you as the queen you are… Sama, I want to…”

“He’s coming down to perform the marriage rites in 40 days’ time. Prince Jean is coming to marry me!” Sama interjected.

Then Kuuku suddenly went quiet. Sama wondered if he was still tarrying behind her window. She whispered his name several times, yet there wasn’t any response.
Getting up from the floor, she flung the window open, stretched her neck out, only to see Kuuku sitting on the ground with tears in his eyes. Kuuku made her feel sad.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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