“You’re limping badly! Let me help you!” one of the village inhabitants offered to help Sama as she was returning from the farm with some produce.

“No Sir! I will manage!” Sama replied. She didn’t want to have any trouble with Kuuku.

Once there was a time one of the respected men in the village had offered to help Sama with her burden. But when Kuuku saw that, he angrily approached the man and almost beat him to death for trying to help Sama. Kuuku was very aggressive and violent, one of the reasons why the villagers were always afraid to help Sama.

The leader of the town had regrets for accepting to make them stay in his village when Kuuku and Sama got there about 10 months ago.

On the first day Kuuku had arrived in the town with Sama, he looked calm and very loving. Sama was a happy young lady. But some few weeks after they got to that village, Kuuku suddenly changed to something Sama had never known him to be!

If Kuuku had shown any traits of wickedness in the past, Sama wouldn’t have run away from her family with Kuuku on the day of her wedding to Prince Jean! But had I known is always at last! She regretted running away from her family with someone she thought loved her dearly! She regretted being that blind and foolish to have listened to Kuuku!

All the people of the village in which they had taken residence thought that they were married, and that Kuuku was her husband! But no! Kuuku was just a lover she ran away with from her town! She regretted listening to Kuuku’s appeal to run away from their town with him when the news that Prince Jean: the man she had been betrothed to, was coming from the city to perform the marriage rites for her.

As she got to their hut, she realized Kuuku had stepped out again. Relieving the items she carried off her head, she sat on the stool and began to shed tears again. She wanted to leave this misery she had gotten herself into! She missed her family! She missed Prince Jean! And as Sama sat on the stool, she began to reminisce about how her plight started!


[Sama began to remember when she was coming home from the market with her mother one day, having a hearty conversation. Opening the gate, they had entered the house to meet her father resting in his lazy chair under the guava tree on their compound with a chewing stick in his mouth.]

“Good day Pa!” Sama and her mother had greeted.

“Aha! You’re welcome back! For a moment I thought you women won’t ever return!” He had said. “I just hope you didn’t go to join the market women gossip about men!”

“Ah Pa! My husband! For all these 30 years we’ve been married have I ever gossiped about you?” She had said with a smile as she knelt and rested her head on his chest. Sama just looked on with a smile.

“Oh but how would I know? You women can be unpredictable sometimes!” he had said as they all laughed. “Uh huh! Sama! Drop the items in the kitchen and bring a chair for your mother to sit on! We have to discuss something very important!”

“My husband, is everything okay?”

“Yes woman! Everything is okay! A messenger was sent from the city to our house this morning. He came from the Odonnsada Royal family!”

Sama’s heart almost skipped a beat when her father mentioned the Odonnsada Royal Family!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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