In the evening, as the family retired to bed, Sama got to her room then pulled out the wrap in which she had kept all the letters Prince Jean had written to her over the years.

She went through some of the poems he had composed for her as she thought about every line.

Though they had only seen each other when they were very little, Prince Jean,  the man she was betrothed to, made every effort to stay in touch with her by writing letters to her. Sama did well to reply all of his letters too.

She soon knew within her heart that he loved her. She felt like she  could trust him; she began to like him as much as he also liked her.

And everything seemed to be going on well for Sama and Prince Jean until one of the young men in the town began to make advances at Sama. This young man’s name was Kuuku.

Although Sama made it clear to Kuuku that she was betrothed to the Crown Prince Jean, Kuuku was resilient and was bent on wooing her.

And as she packed the letters back into the wrap and was about retiring to bed, she heard the usual whisper of her name behind her small window! She knew that it was only one person who would come calling out her name in the night behind her window.

“Sama… Sama… I know you can hear me! I know you’re still awake! Please open the window… I am sick of love for you Sama!” he said  in a low tone.

Sama heaved a sigh!  “Kuuku… ” She murmured.


Coming soon😊☺


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