Did  you enjoy ‘The Missing Spice’  series? 

Share with us your comments and lessons learnt from this series then! 

It will be awesome to hear from  you!



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  1. I totally enjoyed it Dottie. I’m not in a relationship but I believe this Male- Female-God principle is going to be the backbone. I believe this principle is not only limited to our dating and marriage lives but cuts across all other relationships. If we trust God to be the center of even our friendships and all other relationships, I believe this world will be a better place. May God continue to use you to touch lives like you just did mine. Love you😘


  2. Of course I did!!!! Every relationship needs Jesus; whether marriage, family, friendship… in fact, every “ship” needs Jesus else who will be there to calm the raging seas? Who’ll be there to say peace, be still?

    My humble submission


  3. sure I learnt sth grt. God bless you. it’s always best that in moments of serious faith test, couples should be able to face it together as a unit than individually. in that sense you can strengthen the faith of each other which will still put God at the center of the relationship. you will be able to share your doubts and fears knowing that the other person can help you deal with it.


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