“You think your marriage has lost its sweetness? Well, Dennis, Lisa, it’s because God is missing in your marriage. God is that missing spice in your marriage!”

Lisa couldn’t hold back anymore and broke down in tears. Dennis took hold of her, giving her his shoulder to cry on. Everything was making sense to them now. And they both regretted all the hurt they had caused each other.

“You see,  the Word of God makes us understand that a cord of three strands is not easily broken! God should be that third strand of the love cord in every relationship and every marriage! He’s the one who will hold you together when the world with its cares and trouble tries to pull you apart!”

“Dennis and Lisa! It’s alright… all is not lost. God is able to restore your marriage, and I believe he is near and ready to restore your marriage,” the pastor’s wife said.

“Yes, that’s true… if the dry bones were even able to receive life,  know that he can breathe life into your marriage again as much as you ask him to!   Now I want you two to spend some time individually  praying and surrendering yourselves to the Lord again. Let him work on you as individuals. Then he will be able to touch your union of marriage. So spend some time apart praying and reflecting over your own lives. Then later get together and have a discussion among yourselves.”

With that the couple awkwardly left the pastor’s resident after thanking them. Lisa walked towards the recreational park, whiles Dennis lingered near the chapel. After a while he went inside the chapel.

They spent some time apart reflecting, surrendering and praying. Lisa wept a lot when she went to the park. Her marriage, and her love for Dennis was becoming meaningful again and she felt it being revived. She realised that if she had more of God’s unconditional love, she would be able to love her husband wholeheartedly, and no storm of life would be able to break them apart! She regretted all her actions and asked the Lord to restore love in their marriage again.

She quickly got up in tears and run back to the chapel, knowing that her husband would be there. As she got to the doorway of the chapel, she halted as she saw her husband on his knees and in tears praying to God.

Dennis prayed regretting not being a good husband enough and not preserving the spiritual fervency in their marriage. He regretted all the pain and hurt they subjected themselves to because they did not make the Lord Supreme in their lives and in their marriage! He realized that if he gets more of God,  who is the embodiment of love,  their love as a couple would grow stronger and stronger. He wept out loud as he asked the Lord to restore their marriage.

Lisa was overwhelmed as she saw her husband in that state. She quickly run to the front, before the sanctuary where Dennis was Kneeling and   wrapped her arms around him in tears.

“Dennis. I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry”

“I’m so sorry too Lisa. And I don’t want to lose you!”

The two held onto each other closely. And before the sanctuary of the Lord they rededicated their love and marriage onto the Lord. They decided to make Him supreme again in their marriage.

The pastor and his wife joined later and blessed them. Dennis wiped Lisa’s tears and they smiled happily knowing that their love had been restored. They thanked the pastor and his wife and Dennis carried his wife out of the chapel to his car, with the pastor and his wife applauding and cheering them.


“Dennis… I’m happy were fine again” Lisa said with a smile as she sat in the car.

“I’m more than happy, dear” Dennis said delightfully.

All of a sudden however, Lisa began to complain that she wasn’t feeling well. Dennis getting alarmed quickly rushed her to the nearby hospital. He called on the pastor and his wife who also came to the hospital.


“Dennis, is she okay?” asked the pastor
“Pastor I’m praying so. She just said she was feeling dizzy and nauseous.”

The pastor’s wife however smiled silently to herself after Dennis explained what had happened. The doctor came out and Dennis went to him to find out how she was doing.

“Doc, my wife…is she okay?”

“Oh Sir! She’s more than okay. No need to worry!  Actually it was just a little visitor trying to convey a message to her”

“A little visitor?” Dennis asked feeling lost.

“Yes! So you better start preparing for this little visitor,  because in about 9 months time this visitor will be arriving!  ” said the doctor gleefully. “Congratulations Sir! Your wife is pregnant!”


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