Many relationships in our world today are filled with Eros (the kind of love which focuses on romance and sexual intimacy) and less with Agape (Unconditional love; God’s kind of love).

 Of course,  our world teaches us today that love is about exciting your hormones and neurotransmitters, about touching,  kissing,  caressing,  and having sex! 

But Eros never teaches you how to be patient,  and how to bear with your partner’s shortcomings!  Eros never teaches you forgiveness,  trust, Fidelity and unconditional love!  Only Agape can teach you that! 

Doing away with God’s kind of love is like doing away with the very fundamentals needed to sustain your relationship and your marriage! 

As such when there’s no Agape in your relationship or marriage, and you’ve ‘explored’  and ‘exhausted’ every bit of Eros,  the next thing our world teaches us now is ‘Break up’  or ‘Divorce’!  This is pathetic! 




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