“Then let’s just call it quit! Let’s call it quit Dennis! ‘Cos I’m just tired!”

With that, Lisa quickly turned to walk away. And that was when they realized that their pastor and his wife were standing at a distance looking at them. Dennis and Lisa looked embarrassed. The pastor and his wife started to walk towards them.


“Dennis… Lisa… What is going on?” the pastor asked as his wife looked at them empathetically.

There was silence between the couple for some minutes. Then Lisa said, “There’s no point to this marriage anymore, Pastor… There’s nothing!” she said with tears in her eyes.  “There’s no love…there’s nothing…And he knows.”

“Hmm…You two come with us.”


The four walked in silence towards the chapel which was not far, and then went to the pastor’s house.  As they got to there and sat, the pastor shared a word of prayer with them.

“Dennis… Lisa… What is really happening?”

“Pastor…I really don’t know what or how or when all this happened… But something is just missing. Something is just missing. I don’t find love in this marriage anymore. It’s been tough… It looks like we’ve been fighting an already lost battle… There’s no more trust! No understanding! it’s just hurts and insecurities and pain and anger and…” Dennis poured out.

“Hmm…. We realized something had changed about you two! My wife and I realized it! You two no longer go home together after church… You don’t smile with each other like you used to whenever you come to church! But you two share one of the beautiful marriages we know… Dennis how did it all happen?”

“Pastor…I really don’t know. You see, at this very moment I think there’s no trust between us… Lisa thinks I may be having an affair with someone else, but I’m actually not.”

“Well you also think same too about me, right?” Lisa interjected.

“Pastor… God knows I am having no extra marital affair with anyone… My wife suspects I’m having an affair with Ann, the lady in our church. I was only with Ann this afternoon after church because I felt led to counsel her. Truly too she had a problem!”

“And what of you meeting her at the park this afternoon?” Lisa asked.

“Lisa… Just allow your husband okay? We’ll give you time to say something too!” the pastor’s wife said to her.

“Pastor, I’d explain that. Something happened at home this afternoon. Another man sent my wife a text which was so suggestive of an affair going on between them… They were going to meet. Then my wife started getting ready to go out. When I asked my wife she told me she was going to meet a lady friend, pastor… I was really overwhelmed… I felt cheated! So I just decided to get out of the house a while. Then I decided to go to the park… When I got there I saw Ann already seated on one of the benches! She was in tears, and so I went to her to speak with her, just to give some encouragement,  because she was having certain challenges! And it was just during the time I was interacting with her that I realized Lisa was around.”

“Pastor I can’t cheat on my wife! There is absolutely nothing going on between Ann and I… And I’m afraid of the thoughts I’m having: I’m afraid that my wife  rather may be cheating on me!” Dennis said.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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