​Dennis sat on the bed. He realised Lisa might not have been pleased with him. He just hoped they would trust each other and that things would get better.

However, Lisa’s phone caught his attention as the screen lighted. She had received a new message, and the text got displayed on the screen.  Dennis’ heart almost skipped a beat when he read the short message displayed on the screen:

“My Queen… Just to let you know… I’ll be waiting for you. You’re just on my mind. See you soon.” the message read, with the contact name Ekow.

“Huh? What the heck is going on?” He got alarmed. Who could be addressing his wife like that? He got even scared when the thought that Lisa might be having an affair struck him.

“No… It can’t be” He started to presume that Lisa was washing down that afternoon because of that ‘meeting’ with another man.  Dennis tried to keep his cool. Feeling hungry he went to the dining hall to eat. Afterwards he went upstairs to meet Lisa getting herself ready.

“Hey… Going somewhere?” He asked her as he sat on the bed and watched her put on some make up .

“Yeaa… Meeting a girlfriend.” Lisa replied.

“Okay… And you’re taking so much time to look this good just to meet a girlfriend? Washing down? Putting on make up?” Dennis asked suspiciously.

“O yeah! It never hurts to look good, right?” She said as she looked at him from the mirror

“Yea… Right” Her husband said.

“Okay. I think I’m good to go now… I won’t keep long, okay? I’ll see you soon” she said then left the room. From their window Dennis watched as she drove out.

He didn’t understand why his wife would lie to him. He felt disappointed and was afraid of the thoughts that were running through his mind.



As Lisa was getting back home from her time out,  she saw her husband speed off in his car after she navigated the curve that led to their street.
Wondering where he was going as well she called him on the phone.

“Hi… Are you home,  please ?”

“No Lisa. I’m not home.”

“Okay… I’ll see you later then.”

She thought it strange for her husband to be out of the house on a Sunday afternoon. She decided to steadily follow him. She quickly parked her car in front of their house, got a cab, then  decided to stalk her husband.

After following steadily, she lost track at some point as Dennis increased his speed. For a long while she roamed through the neighbourhood looking for her husband’s car. Finally, after a long while of searching, she found her husband’s car parked in front of a recreational park.

She got down from the cab, went onto the park just looking for her husband. Lo and behold, Lisa saw him on one of the benches with this Lady from  church called Ann.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

WordPress:   https://dorothybuduarthur.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/dorothybuduarthur.blog/


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