Ann felt a gaze then  turned to see Lisa at a distance looking at them. Feeling afraid just by the look on Lisa’s face, Ann signalled Dennis who was still speaking to her. And that was when Dennis realised Lisa was standing akimbo looking at them.

“Hmmh…” He sighed as he  courteously excused himself and walked over to where Lisa was.

Lisa switched from her akimbo style and folded her arms as she looked steadily into the eyes of her husband like a lioness tracking a prey.


“Hey… You’re back… How did you know that I was here?” Dennis asked her sensing all the tension around them.

She stretched her neck a little to the side and gave a look which spoke volumes to Ann. Before Dennis realized, Ann got up and quickly left! Then Lisa went back to look at her husband’s face again.

“So…what are you doing here?” the totally confused Dennis asked his wife.

“What am I doing here? What am I doing here? I find my husband here with another woman, and all he can ask is  ‘what are you  doing here?”

“Wait… Wait… Lisa what are you talking about?”

“Dennis! You really don’t get me? What’s going on between you and that lady?”

“Hmm… Lisa… This’ a public place… Can we go home and talk?”

“Well my husband knew that this is a public place, yet he still went on to schedule a meeting with a girl who isn’t his wife here…”

“Lisa stop casting insinuations!” Dennis was getting peeved, but he tried calming his nerves though his angry wife wasn’t helping.

“Insinuations? Dennis, this girl once had a crush on you!  You two were together after church talking about only God knows what! And that wasn’t enough, huh? You schedule a meeting with her here! I guess the next time you’ll be meeting her in our home!”

“Come off it, Lisa!” Dennis started to flare up.

What of you huh? You tell me you’re going meet a girlfriend, whiles in actual fact it was another man you went to meet! Oh you won’t deny that! You can’t! I saw the text he sent! I saw it! Calling you his Queen and that you’re on his mind? What do you take me for, huh? And you’ve got the nerve to be questioning my association with Ann?”

Lisa was shocked. It was obvious they were both angry now.

“Me? Another man? Dennis don’t turn the tables round! What’s that girl got to do with you? Or are you considering her to be a baby mama already?”

“Lisa for God’s sake enough of all this! I don’t even get the point in this marriage anymore!”  Dennis exclaimed

“Then let’s just call it quit! Let’s call it quit Dennis! ‘Cos I’m just tired!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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