Dennis got home after his time with the young lady at church. 

“Sweetheart… I’m home!” He screamed out as he entered the home. He went upstairs as he realised Lisa wasn’t downstairs since there was no feedback. He entered their bedroom and met Lisa who seemed to be getting ready for a bath. 

“Sweetheart…” Said Dennis as he went on to hug her. 

“You’re welcome back” she said with a faint smile. 

“I was looking for you all over…Why didn’t you wait for me?” Dennis gently asked. 

“Well… I remember we were sitting together at church….And by the time I realised, you rather were nowhere to be found! I decided to search for you… And I found you with another damsel” she said with much emphasis as she turned to look at his face and wrapped her hair. 

“I’m really sorry honey. Actually I was sensing she had a problem; I realised she quickly left the auditorium after church… So I had to quickly ran after her… Hmm and the Holy Spirit is so good… Would you believe that truly too she had something that  was bothering her? So I had to take some time to encourage her and counsel her. I thank God that the Holy Spirit gave me utterance” 

“Mmmh.” Lisa responded obviously not enthused by what he said.  “We thank God then … Anyway, your lunch is ready please! I’ll be going to wash down!” 

“Really? Then I’d wait for you so we eat together” he said gleefully. 

“Oh I’m sorry. I already ate. So please go ahead, okay?” With that Lisa left for the washroom. 

Dennis sat on the bed. He realised Lisa might not have been pleased with him. He just hoped they would trust each other and that things would get better. 

However, Lisa’s phone caught his attention as the screen lighted. She had received a new message, and the text got displayed on the screen.  Dennis’ heart almost skipped a beat when he read the short message displayed on the screen: 
“My Queen… Just to let you know… I’ll be waiting for you. You’re just on my mind. See you soon.” the message read, with the contact name Ekow.



©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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