Lisa forced to put a smile on as some members of the church after the church service come to her to enquire about how she was doing. Some, empathetically had been doing that since the time of her discharge from the hospital.

“Lisa dear. How are you?” One elderly woman asked, to which Lisa responded that she was doing well.

To her, though this issue about her miscarriage seem to have been another unpleasant wave which hit their marriage boat, she somehow felt vindicated, since she knew that people who tagged her as barren would hush a little now.

Standing at the back,  her eyes quickly roamed through the church auditorium, searching for her husband. Lo and behold,  she found him!  But he wasn’t alone, as he was having a conversation with one of the young ladies in the church.

It was the same lady Dennis had spoken about before they got married that he had a funny feeling the lady had a crush on him. The lady however backed off after she realised Dennis had Lisa as his fiancée, and they both laughed and made a joke over it.

However, it didn’t look like a joke to Lisa this time round. She was just wondering what Dennis and the girl were talking  about.

Unknowingly to Lisa, the pastor’s wife who was seated some distance away was also observing as Lisa stole glances at her husband and the young lady whose name was Ann.  And just when Lisa was about leaving the auditorium in silent anger to the house, she came face to face with the pastor’s wife. She smiled so broadly at Lisa that she (Lisa)  felt silly as she couldn’t smile back appropriately.


“Mummy” she struggled to say.

“Lisa dear” the pastor’s wife said smiling still and trying to make Lisa relax.

She drew her aside with some motherly tenderness.  “You look worn out… Is everything alright?”

“Ooo…” She tried forcing a broader smile which looked obviously fake. “Everything is fine, please.”

The Pastor’s wife, after some seconds of looking into her eyes as if to find the answers she was looking for then asked, “Are you sure everything is alright,  Lisa?”

Lisa now looked stunned. The pastor’s wife turned to the direction where Dennis and the young lady sat, then turned to look at Lisa again and smiled.

“And your husband? How’s he as well?”

“We’re fine, Ma’am” Lisa said with a faint smile.

“Alright dear. For a while now I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing.It’s been a while since I sensed that wave of joy around you guys… But I just want to trust that everything is fine… And don’t forget dear: God is always just a prayer away… I’ll be praying for you too… If anything just know that Pastor and I are always available” she said with a smile and hugged her.

“Thanks so much Mum!”

With that they parted ways. And Lisa left for the house without waiting for her husband.

©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

WordPress:   https://dorothybuduarthur.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/dorothybuduarthur.blog/


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