Hi friends!  Here’s  Episode 3 of THE MISSING SPICE!  Thanks everyone for the great feedback! Enjoy the story still! 


Dennis slammed his body against the wall of the room as he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He wanted to say a prayer but he just didn’t know what to say.
Suddenly he heard a loud scream coming from upstairs which was followed by silence. He got frightened as he realised it was Lisa. He quickly dashed out of the study!


“Lisa!” Dennis screamed out upon seeing his wife lying on the staircase. She seemed to have tripped and hit her head against the rail.

“Lisa! Lisa!” Dennis shook her, but she was unresponsive. She had passed out.

Dennis was confused and was just wondering what would happen to his wife. He got even more freaked out when he realized her nightie was soaking with blood.

“O my God! O my God!” He carried her in his arms and rushed towards the door.


“Kojo! Kojo! Hurry open the gate!”

Kojo who was sleeping upon hearing his master came out all sleepy wondering what might have happened.

“Ei Master! What happen’ to madam! Ei Master! Madam dey die?”

“C’mon open the gate I say!” Dennis screamed at him which made Kojo almost fall. He picked his balance again and quickly opened the gate.

Dennis drove quickly to the community hospital. He was panicking and at that moment he found himself begging God to preserve his wife’s life.

He was received at the emergency bay when he arrived at the hospital. Lisa was received on a stretcher and was quickly rushed in. The doctor on call was around and thus attended to Lisa. He took history alongside assessing and resuscitating her. Dennis was asked to wait outside for a while.


After a long while the doctor came out.

“Doc! My wife! How’s she?” Dennis desperately asked.

“Errrrr…She seems to have suffered a minor head injury, that’s why she’s unresponsive! But she will be okay!”

“But… Where did the blood come from? Did she have any cut?” Dennis naively asked.

The doctor with a surprised look stared at him.  “Unfortunately Sir, we’re suspecting a miscarriage!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017

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