Lisa finally decided to go downstairs just to check on her husband. As she drew near the study thinking her husband may be busy working on his laptop, she rather found him with his phone texting and beaming with smiles.

It was almost midnight. Who would be chatting with her husband at such an hour? She thought.

For a long while she hadn’t seen her husband smile in the house. Who was keeping him that happy, so much so that he’d rather be on phone than to come to the bedroom?

So many thoughts run through her mind. She felt disappointed and deceived. She was getting filled with bitterness and anger as she thought of the probability of another woman having his attention. Her breathing became fast; tears filled her eyes.

“Do you want a divorce?”

Her voice and those words seemed to echo through the room, and that was when Dennis realised that his wife had been standing at the doorway all along.
He dropped the phone as he looked into her eyes: he saw sadness and anger. Dennis was afraid of the emotions his wife was exuding, but he tried hard to hide his own emotions.

“Dennis…Do you want a divorce?” She asked again, and Dennis knew they were going to have a rough time again.


“Why do you ask such a question, Lisa?”
“It seems you’re ‘happy’ without me now… Probably someone else is making you happy, right? ”

“Lisa stop thinking that” Dennis retorted. “I’m not ready for this!”

“You aren’t ever ready for anything I’ve got to say or how I feel!” Lisa replied back being defensive now.

“Why do you have to think of divorce? Or that’s what you want, but you can’t seem to say,  huh?” Dennis said sarcastically.

“What!” She exclaimed. “What do you expect me to think when you come home late and you don’t eat my food and you won’t look at me in the eyes and you seem to be more happy when on phone with only God knows who and you act like you’re doing me some favour when we’re in bed and…”

“O please Lisa!” Dennis interjected with his own emotions heightening. “You’re the one who acts all rigid and frigid in bed! And I’m tired of all your complaints and accusations!”

Lisa felt so crushed. She felt like her breath was ceasing. Feeling  overwhelmed,  she ran out of the study in tears.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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