Lisa drew the curtain aside and peeped through the window upon hearing the sound of her husband’s car’s horn. She looked at the clock; it was 10:55pm. Kojo, the gateman quickly opened the gate and Dennis, Lisa’s husband drove in. Lisa slowly sat on the sofa and cradled herself with her nightwear.


“Good evening” Dennis greeted as he entered, without making any eye contact with his wife.

“Good evening” Lisa responded, with her eyes following her husband as he climbed the stairs to their bedroom.


“Really?” She thought to herself in disbelief. “Not even a ‘How are you?’ or an explanation to why he’s come home late?”

Dennis was also in deep thought as he climbed to the room.  “O God! It’s getting difficult and difficult to even look into Lisa’s eyes! I’m just afraid of what her eyes may speak… Everything feels just so out of control…” He muttered under his breath.

Lisa still waited at the hall. Soon Dennis came down with his laptop and was walking to his study.

“Your supper…Your supper is ready” Lisa said to her husband.

“Thank you… But I’m really not hungry…” He replied. “I’ll be at the study for a while”

“Alright” she sadly replied. “I’m off to bed then.”

“Okay” Dennis replied and walked to his study.


For about 30 minutes Lisa couldn’t find sleep. She rolled and tossed in bed as she sobbed. Their marriage was falling apart, and she knew it. For 5 years they had been married, but there hadn’t been any conception yet. And that, Lisa thought marked the beginning of their troubles.

Their marriage had been so enviable. But the fact that they were without a child and the subtle pressure from their families was making their love wane. Trust was waning! Understanding was lacking, and so was intimacy! Everything seemed to be coming down. She couldn’t remember the last time they prayed together or even shared the word together. And for Lisa, there wasn’t any urge to pray anymore since she felt like God wasn’t answering her prayers. The more they made efforts to make it work, the more things seemed not to work. Something seemed to be missing, and she just couldn’t figure out what.

Lisa finally decided to go downstairs just to check on her husband.
But as she drew near the  to study room  thinking that her husband may be busy working on his laptop, she rather found him with his phone texting and beaming with smiles.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2017




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