It is the last day of the year.  And you probably have taken stock of your life for the year 2016. 

Some days might have been rough; other days probably  were just awesome.  

And even as you reflect on life,  you probably  would want to ask yourself  how well your soul is doing. 

Many of us walked through 2016 spiritually thirsty and spiritually hungry. Many of us left our souls deficient of the very things needed for it to be spiritually healthy.

It’s the last day of the year 2016. It’s a great day.  

On the last day of the feast,  in John 7:37, as Jesus stood before the people,  he saw spiritually thirsty people.   And he said,  “If any man thirst LET HIM COME TO ME!”  And the water he gives is His Holy Spirit. 

You probably haven’t drank enough of His Holy Spirit this year.  But even as we enter the new year remember Christ’s invitation: Come. 

Have you been spiritually  drained?  Have you been spiritually thirsty? Have you been in a state of spiritual drought? It’s the last day…  A great day… And Christ says ‘COME’!



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