“Will you, Ashley Banks, cherish Jojo Annan as your lawful wedded husband, protecting him and tending to his needs through illness and disappointment?”

“Yes I will!”

“Do you take him to be your husband to have and to hold, from  this day forward; for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?”

“Yes I do!” Ashley replied as she smiled broadly at Jojo!

Finally Jojo and Ashley got married. And all friends and loved ones were present to witness the solemnization.

During the reception, as the two danced, Lois who was with Scott and Kyler had her eyes filled with tears. She was joyous that Ashley was finally married. With all the disappointments and heartbreaks that Ashley suffered in the past from failed relationships, Lois had been concerned that Ashley would never be open to love. But somehow, Jojo came into her life.

“Aww… Scott they look so good together!” Lois said as she wrapped her arms around his.

“Uh huh! They really do!” Her husband replied


Sharon couldn’t help but giggle as she caught her brother Eddy several times staring at Rhoda. Rhoda looked more beautiful that day at her sister’s wedding. And just as Eddy was about approaching her, a gentleman from nowhere got to where Rhoda was standing and started engaging her in a conversation, bringing Eddy to a sudden halt.

Sharon saw the disappointed look on his face. Walking to where Eddy was standing, Sharon jolted him then smiled. Eddy knew what that meant.  But he was determined not to give up on Rhoda. The wedding atmosphere caused a spark within him to make his intentions known to Rhoda soon.


As Jojo and Ashley continued to dance, Ashley thanked God in her heart for giving her a man like Jojo. She knew that she could love him with all her heart. She knew that she could trust him.

“You are a dream come true, Jojo. You’re everything I prayed and hoped for!” She whispered to him as they smiled and danced.


And at the end of the event, as all the wedding guests left, Lois who was still joyous called Ashley aside to have a word with her.

“I’m so happy for you Ash!” Lois exclaimed as she hugged her. “I’ve always prayed for this day, and I’m so happy seeing you happy!”

“Lois… Thank you… I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

As they looked at each other and smiled, Ashley said, “I mean it Lois… You’ve been there for me! I remember how I went through all those challenging years. You were there for me. You encouraged me. You taught me how to find God again! You taught me how to love him and how to trust him through the storm. And now it’s all over, Lois! He’s brought us to the glorious shore safely!”

“Ash… I really know! I realize that all this is His doing! I know this is a glorious day for you, Ash… And I’m so happy for you! Take good care of Jojo, alright? And make sure you keep Jesus always as the captain of your ship! Happy marriage, my friend! Welcome to the club!” Lois said as she hugged Ashley again.


Friends, life is like the sea. Sometimes it is smooth, other times rough and violent. Sometimes in life billows and violent waves arise against us. Sometimes dark clouds gather above our heads making it hard for us to believe that our help really comes from the Lord. But no matter the challenge or trouble we may find ourselves in, He promises that he is with us. 

The day with its trouble shall come! The storm may rise against us! The waves may violently beat our boats! Our sails may be whipped by furious winds! But through it all He is with us! And he is able to command peace over your situation! He’s able to say to your storm, “Peace! Be still!” 

So let’s not lose hope! Do not despair! And until your storm is over, do not stop praying!  Do not stop declaring peace and stillness! Do not stop having faith in His word! Do not stop praising! Do not stop trusting Him as Lord over all. And even when the storm is finally over, do not stop doing these things! Continue to make Him the Captain of your life and of  every situation!

Peace! Be still! 


God bless you!

Dorothy Budu-Arthur



  1. God bless you my darling. More grace to keep blessing us with such pieces. They’re deep; really deep. It’s true that if the word does not minister to you, you cannot minister to others. 👐👐👐


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