“Rhoda… I look big in this dress!” Ashley said as she sat on her bed and heaved a sigh. She had a date with Jojo that evening and was having a hard time choosing what to wear.

“Haha! Ashley… Why are you being so hard on yourself? I thought you said you and Jojo were ‘just friends’? Why are you struggling then with choosing what to wear?”

“Of course… We are just friends. But that doesn’t imply that I shouldn’t look good! C’mon Rhoda, help me choose what to wear.”

“Yes Ma’am! ” Rhoda just smiled as she gave her a helping hand.


It was lunch time, and Scott together with Lois and the two children were at the table having lunch.

Since Nana (Darkoaa’s son) was still young and unable to feed himself, Lois gently fed the little one. Kyler however could manage his own plate.

After a while, the doorbell rang. Scott then went to get it as Ashley was busy feeding Nana.


Scott was surprised when he saw the people at the gate… It was Darkoaa, with her mother and a certain gentleman. And their purpose for coming shocked Scott and Lois.


“I’m sorry Master Scott! I’m sorry Madam Lois! Master Scott is not the father of my son, Nana… This is his real father…” She said remorsefully pointing at the gentleman who came along with them.

Scott was shocked as he wondered why then she would hold him responsible for the pregnancy. “Why then did you do this? Why did you say that I was responsible for the pregnancy then?”

“Sir… I’m very sorry. But I was only looking at how I’d benefit. I knew that I would get money from you because of the child should I hold you responsible for the pregnancy!”

“We are sorry!” Darkoaa’s mother added.

Lois and Scott were short of words. Lois realized her husband was trying hard to hold back his anger. Softly she said to him, “Hey… It’s okay… Just forgive her…”


After some moment of silence Scott then asked, “Alright… So what do you want us to do now?”

“I am coming for my son!” the Darkoaa’s baby’s father said.

“What?” Lois exclaimed.  C’mon… Nana has become a part of this family… Kyler already sees him as his brother. Nana is like a son to me too. You can’t just come for him like that? My husband and I have made great plans for the little one!”

“Madam… I just want my son… I can take care of him in my village. He’s my son so I want to take him away!” the man responded.

“Yes Madam… I’m forever thankful for what you have done for my child. But I’m sorry I lied to you all. Now we have to take him back please.” Darkoaa added.

And so after a long discussion, it was obvious that they didn’t want to leave without the little boy. And though Lois was sad as she had become fond of the child, she went ahead to pack his clothes and toys and handed him over to Scott who then gave him to Darkoaa. Then they left.


Ashley realized that she was nervous as she kept rattling. She sat facing Jojo in the cozy restaurant, the reason for her nervousness.

It wasn’t her first time going out with Jojo on a date. But somehow, that night felt different for her.
As she went on and on almost repeating the same stories, Jojo who realized that she was nervous gently held her hand, then smiled.

“Ashley…” He mentioned her name.

“I know Eddy! I already feel like a chatterbox!” She said feeling embarrassed.

“No! You aren’t… I just think that you should relax… Maybe we just need to spice up our conversation a little bit now…”

“How do you mean?” Ashley asked him.

“Well… I enjoy every moment with you, Ashley. I know we talk a lot about work and families and laugh together a lot. Honestly, it’s been an adventure being friends with you.” Ashley smiled as he said that.

“But… I’d want us to talk about something different tonight… I want us to talk about… us…”

“Us? What about us?” Ashley asked looking a bit surprised. She remembered how Rhoda had teased her with Jojo earlier on in the day.

“Ash…For some years now I’ve known you. It’s interesting how fate used your court trial as a medium for us to meet. But I guess all things work together for our good huh!” They both laughed at what he said.

“In this period I’ve seen how you’ve steadily grown loving God with each and every passing day. I’ve seen how you’re learning to trust him and how you’re depending on him to mold you into a great woman. I’ve seen how you care for others, and how you give respect to everyone.

“Honestly Ash… I’ve been praying and searching for a woman for a while now after my wife passed. And somehow, I just realized that you’ve caught my attention. I just realized that everything I hope and pray for in my woman, I do see in you Ash… And if there’s anyone that I think I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, then… then it’s you, Ashley”

“Ashley wondered if she was dreaming.  Her heart started beating fast as Jojo held her hand again.

“I know you may be surprised. I’ve walked with you for a while now as a friend, but now, I’d want to spend the rest of my life with you… Ash…  Will you…”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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