Rhoda just listened  as  Ashley went on and on talking about the fun times she had with Jojo.

“Oh Rhoda! He’s so funny!”

In her head, Rhoda was just saying, “Ash is finally in love” as she giggled.

“Hey Rhoda what’s making you laugh?”

“I smell love in the air!” Rhoda shouted out.

“Uh? What are you talking about?” Ashley asked acting surprised.

“Oh C’mon Ash… Don’t deny it!”

“Rhoda we are only friends, that’s all! Jojo and I are just friends!”

“So… What if… What if he proposes to you? Uh Ash?” Rhoda saw the perplexed look on Ashley’s face and laughed at her the more.



“Jojo I really don’t know… it’s as though Rhoda is bent on keeping me in some friend zone. I try to get her attention ;  I try to woo her, yet, she acts like she doesn’t see. And now she’s even started to call me Bro!” Eddy shared with Jojo who couldn’t help but laugh.

“O Charley Jojo, I make wild o. This one is love matters!” Eddy said again as Jojo chuckled.

“See Eddy… I have confirmed from Ash and she said Rhoda isn’t seeing anyone. I also wonder why she’s acting this way then! Man, maybe she just wants you to pursue her more! You know how ladies are” Jojo said to Eddy.

“Yes I know women like to be pursued. But at least, Rhoda should give me cues?”

Just as Jojo was still laughing at Eddy, he received a text message from Ashley which just said, “Yes!”

The excitement of it made Jojo throw a fist in the air! “YES! She said YES!” He screamed out.

“Uh? Who? You already asked Ashley out?” Eddy asked surprisingly.

“No! No!” His reaction made Jojo laugh more. “I only asked her out on a date this evening… And she just replied ‘Yes’ to that!”

“Aaaah! Okay!”


Scott stood in the doorway as he watched Lois play with Nana, Darkoaa’s son who was 2 years old and Kyler, their own son. He had much respect for Lois for her patience and for loving Nana just like her own child.

Lois remained cordial with Darkoaa who occasionally passed by to see her son. She was grateful that Lois had accepted her son and was treating him as her own.

As he got closer to them, he gently held his wife by her waist then whispered in her ears ‘Come with me’.

“Kyler, take good care of your little brother okay? Daddy and I would be back soon!” she said to her son with a giggle as her husband Scott took her away to their bedroom.
As they sat on their bed, Scott looked into her eyes for a moment, and Lois wondered what her husband was up to. She just smiled.

“Scott?” She mentioned her name still wondering why he stared at her.

“Yes… My treasure… Lois… I just think you are amazing… You are a gift to me!”

“Haha! C’mon Scott!  That’s almost sounding like a man trying to woo a woman!”

“Maybe that’s what I want to do right now Lois… Look… I know you keep telling me that you’ve forgiven me for everything that happened some years ago. But as I begin to ponder on God’s love, and how you’ve also loved me, I see His love in you Lois…And I’m grateful for building me up… I love the man in me that I see now… And it’s because God gave me a woman like you…”

“Scott… It’s okay… You needn’t say more…”

“Sssshhh… I need to, Lois. I need to let you know that I love you with all my heart! And I’m going to depend on God to more to love you and to lead this family!”

A tear dropped as Lois listened to her husband say that. Finally she felt like her prayers had been answered. Despite all that had happened, she now had her loving husband back. Her family now felt peaceful and complete. She was glad she trusted God to be able to let go and to forgive Scott. And she was glad God gave her the heart to love Darkoaa’s son,  Nana.

And to her surprise, her husband pulled from his pocket a gold necklace.

“Honey… You are precious to me, more than anything.  But… I just want to use this to renew my love for you… And to promise you that I will forever love you and hold you!”

Lois was awed and short of words when her husband put it around her neck.
“Scott… It’s so beautiful… It’s  lovely… Thank you… And I will forever love you too!”

And as Scott was about kissing his wife, they heard approaching footsteps. They just knew that was Kyler and Nana who were about interrupting😍😍😍!


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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