​Lois got into her car and left the house in tears as Scott stood there helplessly. He was indeed repentant. With what he suffered in the hands of the robbers, and how by some divine intervention he was rescued at the point of death, he realized God’s mercies over his life, and how Lois had loved him despite his resentful attitude towards her.  He was willing to ask Lois for forgiveness only for him to come to meet Darkoaa with her baby and her elderly mother in his house.

Ashley also quickly got into her car in an attempt to follow Lois.


“Ahhh… Master Scott… it’s good you’re back.” Darkoaa’s mother approached Scott to say, not paying attention to how crushed Scott was looking.

“Mhh I had to bring your child and his mother o. It’s a boy. I don’t think you’ve set eyes on him since he was born. Well, he’s your own seed… So I’ve brought him to his father’s house.” She said annoyingly taking the baby from Darkoaa’s arms

“Ahh… See his nose… And his eyes, just like yours Master Scott!” She continued to remark oblivious that Scott was getting annoyed as he continued to stare at the floor. “Oh Master Scott, won’t you even look at your baby’s face?”


For minutes Lois rested her head on the steering wheel in tears as she parked her car on one of the streets of the neighborhood.

She could feel her heart ache. “How could you do this to me, Lord? I prayed… I served you… I trusted you… I loved you, Lord… How could you watch me go through all this?”

She felt a presence, and as she turned, she saw her friend Ashley standing by her car with her own car parked at a distance. Ashley felt sad seeing Lois that way. This was her friend who encouraged her during her challenging times, and helped her to have faith in God. Quickly she went over and sat by her on the front seat and embraced her.


“My heart, Ash… I can’t take it anymore!” Lois continued to sob. “I thought it was just a storm of life, Ash… Which was soon going to die down… But no! What I’m experiencing now is a hurricane, Ash… I can’t take this! I just want to leave the marriage now!”

“Lois…” Ashley mentioned her name then hugged her again. “Please be strong Ash… You thought me how to be strong and how to have faith in God during my stormy phase. Please stay strong now.”

“But this storm just got worse, Ashley! I feel broken! I feel heartbroken! There’s no point trusting God anymore! There’s no point praying! I just feel betrayed by God, Ash…”

“Lois… Lois… it’s okay… it’s okay… It will soon be over Lois.” Ashley consoled her friend. “I don’t know why all this is happening to you. I don’t… But… I know that it will soon be over. I know God still has a perfect will for you in all this Lois… At least, we all saw how He intervened in my situation.”

“I feel so alone Ash… I feel so lonely! I feel like God has left me to my own fate. I cry out to him but I feel like he just isn’t hearing me!” Lois said again tearfully.

“Lois… Remember what you told me? That God is always with us? That even when we go through the storm or the fire He is still with us? You told me that when Jesus’ disciples were also on the stormy sea all alone, Jesus was on the mountain praying fervently! You told me that even when I don’t feel Him and I’m all alone, I should just have faith that He is near and He is interceding on my behalf! Lois you strengthened my faith with these words… Please… I know God hasn’t left you… I know he’s still near even if you feel like He’s crushed you!”

“Ashley… It hurts. It hurts, Ash!”

“I know… I know Lois! And this storm is going to die down soon, Lois… it’s gonna. But until the storm is over, please don’t stop trusting God, Lois. Please don’t stop having faith in His word. Don’t stop inviting Him to take over. Until the storm is over, please don’t stop praying, Lois.”



Scott got on his knees in surrender when he walked to their bedroom. He couldn’t remember when last he beheld Lois as his wife. He felt guilty knowing that he hadn’t treated her well.

“I’m sorry Lord! I’m so sorry!” He said soberly as he picked up Lois’ wedding Bible which had their wedding picture in it. “I’m sorry… Please forgive me Lord… And please help Lois to forgive me!”

Suddenly he heard someone enter the room and mention his name.


It was Lois. And his heart started to beat fast when he turned to look at her.

“We need to talk!” Lois demanded.


As Lois requested, Scott told her everything that she needed to.

“Lois… Please believe me! Darkoaa was the only one I had an affair with! I feel so ashamed saying this. I don’t know what came over me, Lois. I just lost interest in our marriage. I just felt like trying something new! And I’m a foolish man to have done that! I regret wrecking my family!”

“What of the different feminine scents that I could perceive on you when you’d come back from work, or from your travels?”

“I only flirted with them. I didn’t have any intimate relationship with anyone of them. Believe me Lois.”

“What of your frequent travels?”

“They were all genuinely business travels… I don’t know… But I just lost the desire to even talk to you… Lois… I’m sorry.” Scott said as he got on his knees.

“Please get up.”  Lois said

“And I don’t know what you’re going to do now. But I just know that this is my matrimonial home, and I am not going to share that with any other woman. I’m angry with you Scott! I really just want to pack my stuff and leave this house! But I won’t, because of Kyler. And also for God’s sake, I won’t! And… I am willing to accept the child. Darkoaa’s child. Afterall, he is your son. I can’t change that. I wouldn’t want this child’s life to be affected, because he is innocent. I wouldn’t want him to grow up without the love of a father. Whatever I wouldn’t be happy that Kyler would go through, I wouldn’t want this little one to go through either.”

Scott couldn’t believe her response. He really was scared that Lois would ask for a divorce after all that he did to her.

“I will accept the child, Scott. I’m willing to take him and take care of him as my own son. But Darkoaa unfortunately cannot stay here in this house, neither can her mother. They should return to their village. And you’ll perform all responsibilities as a father to that child.  After the child is weaned, Darkoaa can bring him over to be part of our family. I can take very good care of him… You can think about it…. I’m going to pick Kyler up from school now.”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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