Just as Darkoaa stood there perplexed with the baby in her arms, the doorbell began to ring and she went to receive it. She just hoped that it would be Master Scott. She couldn’t stand the tension and Lois’ silence.


“Lois I’ve been tryi… Uh? You?” Ashley exclaimed as she saw Darkoaa with a baby when the door was opened. Ashley was confused.

“Ah! Are you not…? Wait, have you come back?” Ashley asked confusingly as she wondered if the house girl had returned to work in Lois and Scott’s home again. Still in her state of confusion, she entered the house.
“Where is Madam? Where is Lois?”


“Lois, why have you been out of touch? And why is Darkoaa here with her mother and a baby?” Ashley asked her friend as Lois took her to another hall in their house.

“Lois… Talk to me… Your eyes look puffy… Hey, is everything okay?”

Suddenly Lois broke down and wept.


“I gave him my heart Ash! I gave him my all! I loved Scott just as any woman would have loved her husband. How could he have betrayed me? You should have seen how the woman (Darkoaa’s mother) spoke with me yesterday! She told me that her daughter has a baby for my husband… That she’s bringing the baby and Darkoaa here… To his father’s house… My matrimonial home, Ashley!” Lois lamented after she was able to tell Ashley the reason why Darkoaa was there with a baby.

“I understand then why he started acting up after I sent the girl away! I understand then why she wasn’t able to mention who impregnated her! It was my own husband! My husband of holy matrimony had an affair with my housemaid in this house!” She said with tears.

“Honey… Lois… It’s okay!” Ashley was at lost for words. She couldn’t stand seeing Lois go through the pain. “Have you heard from him? Have you heard from Scott?”

“I don’t ever want to hear from him! Ever! Many days have passed and he hasn’t replied any of my calls or my texts! That’s usual! He won’t even let me know where he is! Of course… He’s got to be in the arms of another woman!” Lois bitterly spoke. “He’s never cared! He’s just been heartless… And I’m not going to care for him anymore! He can start a new life with the girl and her baby now!”

“Lois… Lois… Hey…It’s okay… Oh dear!” Ashley tried consoling her.

But not long afterwards, the doorbell rang again. And Ashley looking at how devastated Lois was went to get it.

To Ashley’s uttermost surprise, it was Scott, Lois’ estranged husband at the gate.

Lois rose up to her feet in shock as Scott run towards her and embraced her.


And as Darkoaa’s mother peeped, she saw Scott rushing inside the house.


“Lois… Lois… Forgive me… Forgive me honey.” He said remorsefully. Lois wondered what had happened to her husband. Was he acting that way because he had a hint that Darkoaa and the baby were in their house? Ashley was confused as she looked on.

[Apparently Scott on one of his frequent travels was held hostage by some armed robbers. His phone, car and all other valuables had been ceased from him. And as he saw how the robbers executed some hostages for rituals, he remembered God. Somehow he felt scared that God would punish him for how he had treated his wife. He remembered how she sent text messages to his phone every single day telling him that though he might not desire to hear from her, she would not stop praying for him and asking God to take care of him. Strangely, when he was next in line for execution, there was a police alarm which left the robbers running off. That was how he got rescued and was able to come home. He just knew that his life was spared because of Lois’ prayer for him despite how unloving he had been to her.]

“Lois… I would have died in the hands of some armed robbers… But I know your prayers saved me! I’m sorry Lois… I’m sorry for not lovi…”

“Take your hands off me!” Lois said softly but firmly.


“Hey Darkoaa! Wake up! Wake up! He’s in! Hurry! Take the baby to him now!” Darkoaa’s mother said to her daughter who was sleeping on the bed in one of the guest rooms which Lois had allowed them to spend the night in.


“Lois… I know… I know you’ve got every reason to be angry with me.” Scott said.  “I know I haven’t been loving. And I left without saying anything. I know I never replied any of your calls or texts… I know I’ve not cared for you as a husband and as the head of this home!”

“I got used to all that Scott!” Lois sharply spoke. She was embittered.

Ashley who stood there helplessly couldn’t remember when last she saw her friend that way.

“I got used to your indifferent attitude! I got used to you not loving or caring!”

Just then, they all heard a loud sound of a baby’s cry. Scott seemed confused, only for him to turn to see Darkoaa standing with a baby.

“But this is what I won’t get used to, Scott!” Lois said referring to Darkoaa and her baby. Scott seemed speechless. “This I won’t get used to! I’ve had enough! And I’m not going to get used to hurts and tears and pains anymore!”

“Lois… Please… I can explain! It all was a mistake… Whatever happened between Darkoaa and I was a mistake!”  Scott said remorsefully as he tried to hold his wife.

“Don’t touch me…Don’t!” Lois said tearfully. “It was a mistake? Uh? For Christ’s sake you call this a mistake? Scott! What do you take me for? Is it because I’m tolerant? You call this a mistake? I guess marrying you too was a mistake then, Scott!” Lois tearfully run out of the house.

“Lois… Please…Lois!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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