8“But if I go to the east, he is not there; if I go to the west, I do not find him.

9When he is at work in the north, I do not see him; when he turns to the south, I catch no glimpse of him.

10But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as GOLD.” Job 23

Lois buried her head in her hands as she sat on her bed. She wanted to cry more, but there were no tears to shed anymore as she had cried her heart out throughout the night. She checked from her phone and realized she had missed quite a number of calls, including Ashley’s. But she just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

She felt a gentle grip and she knew that was Kyler. She wondered for how long her son had been in her room.

“Mummy… Why are they here? What is the name of the baby?” Kyler asked his mum innocently in reference to Darkoaa’s presence in their house with her mother and the baby.

Lois forced a smile and said, “They have come to see Daddy.”


“It’s still hard to believe that this storm is over, Rhoda!” Ashley said as she stood at the balcony of their home with Rhoda. “It feels good to be back home!”

“I really know. Honestly Ash. I had totally lost hope. But just look at how God turned things round.”

“I really regret all those times that I was angry with God and wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Him. You know, Rhoda, I’ve really learned a lot through all this. I feel peaceful and fulfilled now, because I came to the realization that God is able. And he is a good father. He’s shown me love, Rhoda. And now, I just want to know Him and love Him too. I can agree with what Jojo said. The storms we go through in life shouldn’t break our sail, but it should draw us more closer to God. I’m highly indebted to Jojo… And to you, Lois and Eddy as well” Ashley said with a smile.

Rhoda then gave a mischievous smile when she heard Ashley mention Jojo’s name. She realized that everything to some extent changed after Jojo for involved. Ashley seemed to have loosened up a bit, whiles prior to that, she was just resentful towards men.

“So…Ash… Did you realize when you hugged Counsel Jojo yesterday?” Rhoda asked teasingly.

“Uh? I did?” Ashley asked surprisingly feeling a little embarrassed as she looked at Rhoda’s face. “I didn’t even realize. It was just out of gratitude and excitement, I guess.”

“Mmhh… I see!” Rhoda laughed out more at her sister. Looking at events, and how Jojo and Ashley had been mates in the university many years ago, and how due to the court trial Jojo got involved to be a defense counsel, Rhoda already began to think in her head that her sister and Jojo could be good together.

“Rhoda, stop teasing!”

“Haha! Sis, are you blushing?” She teased Ashley again. “But hey. Ash… Heard from Lois?

“No, Rhoda. Come to think of it, that’s strange, looking at how she was happy for me yesterday. I tried reaching her, but she didn’t pick. I guess I’d go over to her house soon to check on her!”


Darkoaa began to feel uncomfortable as Lois approached her. She saw from from Lois’ face that she had cried.

“There’s food in the kitchen. Get to eat so you can have enough breast milk for the baby” Lois said to her trying hard to hide her rage. She then walked back to her room. Since Kyler had gone to school, she felt like she’d get the solitude that she just wanted at that moment.



“Mother… Let’s go back to the village” Darkoaa said to her mother who seated at the kitchen and was eating. Though she hadn’t known Lois to be a violent person, she was getting scared.

“We are not going anywhere! Didn’t you say Master Scott is the father of your baby? Your baby should be in his father’s house. And you will also be a madam! Madam Lois or whatever her name is would have to learn to live with that.” Darkoaa’s mother said arrogantly. The taste of city life was good, and it didn’t look like she would want to leave for their village.

Just as Darkoaa stood there perplexed with the baby in her arms, the doorbell began to ring, so she went to receive it. She just hoped that it would be Master Scott. She couldn’t stand the tension and Lois’ silence.


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