Sharon together with Eddy and some significant others got to the court room as the trial was about proceeding for the day.

“Ed… I feel sorry for Ash…” Sharon said to her brother as she stole glances at Ashley in the court room. “I think we probably should beg Henry to drop the case. I’m afraid Ashley will be convicted.”


Ashley fidgeted as she looked around the court room. She wondered what her fate would be. “Please Lord… Please help me… Please prove to me that you are God!”

She was scared the judge would pass a judgment that would not be in her favor. The thoughts of being in prison for a crime she didn’t commit frightened her.

“Where is Jojo?” She turned to look at the door when she realized that court proceedings were about starting, but Jojo was not yet in.


“Eddy… Sharon hi!” Lois said as she sat next to the two in the court room and heaved a sigh.

“Lois… where is Rhoda?” Eddy asked upon realizing that Rhoda didn’t come in with her.

“She’s using the washroom. She will be back soon” Lois replied. She knew Rhoda just wanted to go shed some tears.

“Someone isn’t here.” Lois murmured as she looked around and realized that Jojo wasn’t in. That got her worried.

“Eddy… Where is Jojo?”


“Mama…Mama… Let us go back! Let’s go back to the village” Darkoaa, Lois’ former housemaid (whom she had sacked some months back because she got pregnant and wouldn’t say who got her pregnant) said to her mother as they approached Lois and Scott’s house.

“Go where? Are you a fool?  Did you not say he is the father of this child?” Darkoaa’s mother angrily asked her as she pointed to the child in her arms. “We are not going anywhere! We won’t go back to the village! Your ‘master’ is rich! This child is also going to enjoy life!”



“Defense counsel, do you have regard for the court at all?” The judge said angrily to Jojo after he rushed in. “Next time I’ll definitely penalize you!”

“I’m sorry, my Lord!”

“Sorry for yourself!” the judge retorted. “Now if you have anything to say, just do so now! I’m not wasting time on this case anymore!”

“Oh God! The judge is angry now!” Rhoda murmured worriedly.


“My Lord!” Jojo began to say. “There is a new development, which I can say would interest everyone here, including the prosecuting counsel. I still stand by the fact that though my client might have threatened the deceased out of anger, she is not guilty of this crime! And my Lord, I have a witness here who is, without coercion, willing to testify.” Jojo confidently stated.

He saw the look on everyone’s face as they wondered who that might be. Ashley just wondered what he was going to do. Which witness was he going to bring?


“Ah! This thing doesn’t seem to work!” Darkoaa’s mother said as she kept pressing on the doorbell. “Or they are not around?”

“You see Mama! Let’s just go back to the village. Maybe they have moved from this place!”

“Hey! Shut up! Are you a witch? Don’t you love good life? Don’t you also want to be called ‘Madam’? Your madam (Lois) thought she had sent you away! But see! This child here is bringing you back to this house.



And so the judge gave the go ahead for Jojo to present the new witness.  A certain young man in handcuffs was brought to the witness box by police men. Henry had the feeling that he had seen the young man before. On one of his dates with Eva, he realized this particular young man stared at them.


And so Jojo started cross-examining this new witness. And it became evident, from the man’s testimony that Eva was his one-time girlfriend who left him for no reason some months ago. According to him, he loved Eva dearly, and was greatly depressed when his ‘lover’ left him and relocated to a different place for no apparent reason. Pictures were exhibited which testified that the young man once knew the deceased.

“I wanted to be with her. One time I saw her with another man… And I followed them till he took her to a certain house, which I got to know later from my observation that she lived there…” The gentleman narrated to the court.

“Then one evening, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her to know that I couldn’t live without her… Happily I went to her house. I expected her to be happy to see me too. But when she opened the door, she acted angry and shocked. She asked me how I found her, and how I got to know where she was. I was devastated. She tried shutting the door close, but I couldn’t watch the woman I love do that to me… So I forced myself in!”

“Objection my Lord!” The prosecuting counsel raised. “I’m sure this cock and bull story has just been fabricated to save the accused.”

“Objection overruled! The witness may go on!” said the judge.

The whole court was quiet as they listened to his testimony .


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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