“I wanted to be with her. One time I saw her with another man… And I followed them till he took her to a certain house, which I got to know later from my observation that she lived there…” The gentleman narrated to the court.

“Then one evening, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted her to know that I couldn’t live without her… Happily I went to her house. I expected her to be happy to see me too. But when she opened the door, she acted angry and shocked. She asked me how I found her, and how I got to know where she was. I was devastated. She tried shutting the door close, but I couldn’t watch the woman I love do that to me… So I forced myself in!”

“Objection my Lord!” The prosecuting counsel raised. “I’m sure this cock and bull story has just been fabricated to save the accused.”

“Objection overruled! The witness may go on!” said the judge.

The whole court was quiet as they wondered what the man was arriving at.


“I told her that I won’t leave! I was getting angry!” the witness continued to say.

“She quickly went inside and came back with a knife… She pointed it at me and asked me to leave. I told her that I won’t, and that I love her…”

“Objection my Lord! Does the defense counsel think we’re here to listen to some tragic love story? This witness is just being sentimental!”

“Objection sustained! Gentleman, can you just go straight to the point?”

“Okay My Lord!” the young man replied.

“Then… She just wanted to sack me… But… I resisted, and we began to struggle. I don’t know what happened. But the knife just went through her body during the struggle. I was terrified. Before my eyes she just died! She just died”

The whole court was shocked to hear that as the man broke down in tears.

“Order! Order in court!” The court clerk ordered since the court was becoming chaotic.

“It was a mistake! I was afraid, so I took out the knife and run away with it… But I’m being hunted by it. In the course of the struggle, my phone which was in my hand accidentally took shots of pictures and videos. It’s all hunting me, because it was all an accident.”


Apparently, this was the young man who had contacted Jojo to get in touch with him before it was too late, since he was contemplating on commiting suicide until he heard that Ashley was being prosecuted for Eva Darko’s death.


“Counsel, do you have evidence to back your witness’ claim?” The judge asked Counsel Jojo.

“Yes, My Lord.  We have here as Exhibit A the blood stained knife belonging to the deceased, as well as witness’ phone with the mistakenly taken pictures and videos which bear the same date on which the deceased was murdered as Exhibit B.” Jojo replied.

And so as to make the testimony substantial as ordered by the judge, they presented to the court the blood-stained knife which had Eva’s name inscribed on the handle, and also the photos and video which were accidentally taken in the course of the struggle.

Ashley felt like she was dreaming.  Rhoda held Lois’ hand anxiously as the proceedings went on.



“Prosecuting counsel, do you have any further questions?”

“No my Lord. No further questions!” he replied. Henry looked dumbfounded. The evidence and the witness presented made him come to a conclusion in his heart that Ashley was innocent. He however felt disappointed as Eva never told him she had someone in her life.

“God is here, Ash! I told you to keep the faith alive!” Jojo whispered to Ashley joyously.

And after a moment, the judge asked that the two counsels meet him in his chambers. Ashley realized that the judgment was going to be passed that day. The sat there quietly still in shock. She realized it was God who had just intervened.



As the two counsels returned, and the judge took his seat, he cleared his throat as he gave the final verdict by the court!

The young man was charged with the murder of Eva Darko and a date was set for the hearing of his first trial.

“And upon hearing both the defense and prosecuting counsels throughout the trial of Miss Ashley Banks, and the evidence and witnesses provided by the defense counsel, Miss Banks has been found not guilty for the murder of the late Eva Darko. I hereby declare Miss Banks acquitted and discharged!”

It was a happy moment after the trial! Ashley couldn’t believe her eyes as she shed tears of joy! She had totally lost hope, but from nowhere, the real culprit came and took the blame!

Rhoda, Eddy, Lois and all the others were happy for her, as they acknowledged that it was by some divine intervention. Lois who couldn’t hide her excitement hugged her friend for long as she thanked God for the miracle!

“Jojo, I’m dreaming, right? I’m dreaming, right?” Ashley said as she hugged him and continued to shed tears of joy!

“Ash… You aren’t dreaming! It’s just God at work! You see? He’s come to your aid! He stepped in at the point where everything seemed hopeless! He’s stilled your storm!” he said gleefully. And for the first time since he took up Ashley’s case, he saw her smile.


After a while of celebrating her friend’s victory, Lois quickly left the court premises as she had to go pick up Kyler from school. She however promised Ashley that they would celebrate and thank God for her victory in grand style.

After getting Kyler from school, Lois happily drove to the house.

But her excited mood was quickly replaced with a confused one when she saw Darkoaa, her former housemaid with her mother and a baby in her arms in front of her gate.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

WordPress:   https://dorothybuduarthur.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/dorothybuduarthur.blog/


6 thoughts on “​UNTIL THE STORM IS OVER: EP 23

  1. When you think there is no hope that’s when he shows up to calm the storm. We just give up too early,and when we do that we miss our testimony. Thanks Dorothy for this wonderful story


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