“Miss Rhoda Banks the court is waiting! Answer please!” The prosecuting counsel asked again. Did you ever hear the Accused make any threatening statement about the deceased Miss Eva Darko?”

“Yes” Rhoda finally replied as she sadly looked at her sister.
She saw the sad expression on the faces of Eddy and Lois too. For a moment she regretted not lying in order to protect her sister.

“Can you remember some of the statements she made exactly?” The prosecuting counsel asked.
“Okay… She said something like, ‘She will regret it!’ ‘I’ll make her pay for it!’ in reference to the deceased… But I know my sister! She was only angry! She was just being emotional by then! She can’t kill Eva! Ashley is even afraid of killing a cockroa..!”

“That’s more than I need Miss Banks! Thank you!” The prosecuting counsel sharply interjected.

Trying hard to hold back her tears, Rhoda got out of the witness-box and went to sit by Lois and Eddy.

“It’s okay… Hush… The Lord will be her defender! This storm will soon be over.” Lois whispered encouragingly to Rhoda as Eddy held her hand.


Soon Henry was also called to the witness-box. After some questioning the prosecuting counsel finally asked him,

“Mr. Solomon, now with the Accused being someone whom you were going to marry, how would you describe her in two or three words?”

“She’s ambitious… Ruthless… And capable of doing anything just to get what she wants!” Henry remarked as Ashley exclaimed in shock. She couldn’t believe that that was how best Henry could describe her.


Afterwards, Jojo who was called upon to cross-examine Henry also asked him a series of questions.


“So Mr. Solomon, per what you’ve told this honorable court now, the last time you spoke with the deceased was on the day she died, right?” Jojo asked and Henry replied in the affirmative.

“Now you claim that as you spoke with her on phone, the call was interrupted as it felt like she had opened the door for someone to come into her room and there seemed to have been a struggle, right?”

“Yes!” Henry replied. “That’s correct!”

“Now can you tell this honorable court in details what happened that evening as you spoke to her on phone?”

“Yes…I was speaking with the deceased on phone that evening when she remarked that she was afraid that Miss Banks might be so angry with her since she is her boss at work. I told her not to worry! Just then she told me there was a knock on her door and so had to get it. That was about 7pm. Then suddenly I heard her say, “How did you find me? How did you know where I am? Leave me alone!
Then I think there was a struggle. I got worried, but the call just ended. I felt alarmed so I quickly rushed to her place, only to find her stabbed to death!”

“Okay… Now Mr. Solomon, if I may ask, how did you get to know the late Eva Darko’s house?” Jojo asked him.

“During the times that I was dating Miss Ashley Banks, Ashley asked that we pass by Eva’s house to say hello to where as we had gone for a function in Eva’s neighborhood.”

“Meaning it was through Miss Banks that you got to know the deceased’s house, right?”

“Yes!” Henry replied.

“Now per the testimony of Mr. Solomon, My Lord, I can confidently say that whoever went to attack the deceased that evening was not Miss Ashley Banks! Why? Because according to Mr. Solomon’s testimony the Accused already knew the house of the deceased. Therefore it would be absurd for the deceased Miss Eva Darko to ask  Miss Banks “How did you find me?” and “How did you know where I am?” since Miss Banks already knew where the deceased lived, and Mr Solomon here even only got to know where the deceased lived through Miss Banks during their dating period!” Jojo said intuitively.

“Again, my Lord! Those statements, “How did you find me?” “How did you know where I am?” clearly indicate that the deceased was trying to hide from someone else. Someone who didn’t know where she stayed and or wasn’t supposed to find her. Thus, I can infer that out of shock she asked whoever this person was, “How did you find me?” How did you know where I am?” And that person definitely wasn’t my client Miss Ashley Banks!”

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