Rhoda together with Eddy and Jojo went to see Ashley who was still being kept in remand.

Ashley felt like her life had been brought to a sudden stop. It wasn’t enough, she thought, that her heart would be crushed by the man who professed love to her, but thought about how this murder issue was going to affect her job and her reputation. She didn’t understand why she felt helpless in this case. She still couldn’t understand why the lawyer would disappoint her even after assuring him that she was going to pay him well. She felt like the walls were closing in around her.


“Ash…” Rhoda said to her softly. “Eddy is here. With his friend who is a lawyer. Sis… We’re in this together, and I know you’ll be out of here soon!”

“I just want to be alone… I don’t need any help!” Ashley said in a depressive tone without an eye contact.

“Ashley?” Surprisingly Jojo called her. Ashley turned to look at him.

“You?” She exclaimed.


When Lois got home with her son after picking him up from the holidays, the little boy screamed out, “Mummy! Where is Daddy?”

Lois was stunned. “Kyler… Daddy’s travelled.”

“To where? When will he come back?”

Lois who didn’t have answers to her son’s questions said to him, “Baby… Don’t worry! Daddy will return soon, ok? And he’ll buy you a new toy when he returns!” She said as she tried to put on a smile and played with her son’s cheeks. Even though her husband hadn’t replied any of her text messages or her calls, she continued in prayer that the Lord would heal her marriage.


“You?” Ashley exclaimed as she looked at Jojo. Eddy and Rhoda wondered if the two knew each other. And in actual fact, they did know each other. They were in the same class for some courses during their university days with Ashley being the course rep for some of those courses, and were just acquainted to each other.

Ashley was filled with embarrassment and shock. Jojo was one of the people she could remember she had great respect for due to how he carried himself.

“It’s a surprise!” Jojo exclaimed with mixed feelings.

“Alright, can we understand what’s going on here?” Rhoda asked.

“Yes… You can!” Jojo remarked as Ashley still looked at him speechlessly.  “Ashley we’ve met before, right? We used to be course mates many years ago in the university! I don’t know if you remember my name though! But I’m Jojo!” He ended with an outstretched hand to exchange pleasantries.


Lois seemed to only find solace in the Bible in her trying moments.
As Kyler slept that afternoon, Lois had the conviction that the scripture in Mark 4 about Jesus calming the storm had more to say to her. Her faith in the Lord needed to be stronger.

Reading it again, Lois realized that Jesus’ presence in a situation makes the whole difference. The storm was calmed because Jesus was with the disciples on the boat! She remembered another account  whereby  Jesus’ disciples were facing a fierce sea storm but Jesus however wasn’t on their boat that moment. Later he came walking on the waters to them and calmed the storm.

She realized that she needed to invite Jesus into the stormy situation that she was going through. Even the disciples among whom some were men acquainted with the sea as fishermen still cried out to Jesus in the midst of the storm.

Lois realized that she as well as Ashley needed Jesus now to calm their storms for them now more than ever.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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