“I don’t need your help!” she sharply said to Eddy. “And who are you to interfere in my matter, let alone offer me help? Huh?”
“Oh… I’m sorry!” Eddy said rather feeling embarrassed. He realized that he was being nosy actually.

“Ashley!” Rhoda exclaimed as she realized that her sister had embarrassed Eddy.

“What? Rhoda you’re so naïve! This guy here is just bluffing! I know… I’m sure just to impress you or something! That’s how they are!”

“No! I really want to help because I believe that you’re innocent! And my good friend can really help if you’d only permit me to call him!” Eddy appealed.

“Please! The fact that whichever lawyer friend of yours is a good friend doesn’t mean that he makes a good lawyer too! The only help I need right now is to tell those policemen and women over here to let me go home! How do they expect a whole me to sleep in a police cell?” she remarked haughtily.

“Enough of the arrogance Ashley! I’m here being all worried about you and all you can think about is how big you are, and your pride? Do you know the number of people who’ve had to go to prison just because they were falsely accused and couldn’t prove their case in court?”

“Whatever! I’ll sort it out myself!”


Lois began talking to herself as she paced in her room.  “He… He hung up on me! He hung up on me!” Angrily she threw her phone against the wall and broke down again in tears.

“Jesus, why? Why have you left me to this fate?” She screamed out. “I can’t take this anymore! I can’t take this anymore!”

For minutes Lois cried her heart out hitting her bed angrily with a clenched fist. After a while of exhaustion, she stopped and started to sob.

Turning hopelessly to her Bible, she realized that in the course of hitting the bed with her fisted hand, the pages of the Bible had flipped to a page with an illustration that caught her attention. ‘Jesus calms the storm’, the caption of the diagram said.  Curiously, she took the Bible as she took a proper look at the illustration which had Jesus in a boat with his disciples on a stormy sea.

With some enthusiasm Lois began to read out loud the Bible passage to herself.

Mark 4: 35… On that same day when evening had come, He said to them, Let us go over to the other side of the Lake…” Lois read.

And leaving the throng, they took Him with them, [just] as He was, in the boat [in which He was sitting]. And other boats were with Him… And a furious storm of wind [of hurricane proportions] arose…”  Lois gave a pause at this point looking at the description given to the storm in the scripture.

“A furious storm of wind? Of Hurricane proportions?”

Lois had seen a Hurricane on TV before. She knew that it could be very destructive. It began to make her realize that the kind of storm that arose as recorded in the passage was a catastrophic one!
“How can a wind be furious?” She thought about that again and continued to read the passage.
“And the waves kept beating the boat, so that it was already becoming filled!”

“The dream!” Lois exclaimed after she read that portion of the scripture. “The dream… This scripture is just like what I saw in the dream… When the stormy waves were beating many ships causing them to sink!” Lois remembered her own ship which was getting filled with water!

But He [Himself] was in the stern of the boat asleep on the leather cushion” She continued to read and she thought to be weird.

“How come  Jesus was able to sleep comfortably  in the midst of the storm?” She asked herself intuitively.

… and they awoke Him and said to Him, Master, do you not care that we are perishing? And he arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, Peace! Be still! And the wind ceased… and there was a great calm (a perfect peacefulness)

For a while Lois pondered over the passage. “Why this scripture at this point in time?”
The scripture appeared to be similar to her own dream.  And gradually Lois began to understand her dream. Everybody somehow gets hit by the storms of life, no matter which kind of ‘ship’ you may find yourself on. But how many are able to survive it? 

Lois realized that her own storm was the misunderstanding and the confusion going on in her marriage.
She knew that these things were gradually filling her marriage, making a divorce eminent. And she thought to herself that a divorce must be the point at which the ship sinks then.

“Lord” Lois tearfully began to say. “Lord… Please help me!”
She realized how much she loved her family, and hoped that they wouldn’t be wrecked or torn apart by a divorce. She wished that Kyler wouldn’t go through the ordeal that comes as a result of divorce. It seemed to be the order of the day, but Lois wasn’t ready for that.

“Lord, don’t you care? Don’t you… Don’t you see my tears?” She prayed sentimentally. “You’re all- knowing… Don’t you see that I’m hurting? Don’t you know? Talk to me!”

Her tearful murmurs were suddenly interrupted as her phone began to ring. Getting it from the floor, she realized that it was a call from Rhoda.

“Lois… Lois!”

“Rhoda? Is everything okay?”

“No Lois! There is a problem, Lois! Ash has been arrested! She’s being accused of murder!”



©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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