“Hmm…Rhoda… Everything will be fine, okay? Let’s just trust God in times like this.” Eddy said trying to encourage her.

“I really hope so Eddy. Now that Henry is testifying against her, I really don’t know what can save my sister now! And why would someone murder that girl? I know my sister so well, and she wouldn’t stoop that low just because a man hurt her!”

“Rhoda, don’t worry God will intervene, okay? He will.”


Not long afterwards they went back to the police office.

“Have this Rhoda… It’s snack.” Said Eddy as he handed over to her the snack bag. I’m sure your sister must be very hungry.”

Then they saw Ashley who still wasn’t looking any sober. Rhoda sought for permission to talk to her, whiles Eddy waited outside the police station.

“Ash… What’s happening? What are they saying now?” Rhoda asked worriedly.

“It’s got to be a prank or a dream… wait is today 1st April? I really don’t understand this Rhoda. I mean, how can I be accused of murder? That girl never added anything to my life so why would I want to kill her? Uh?”

“I know… I know that you can never so such a thing… What’s the charge now?”

“Charge?” Ashley chuckled. “Charges, Rhoda! Charges! First murder suspect of Eva Darko…. And again, that I have threatened Henry as well, and then I wasn’t cooperative when the police came to arrest me! 3 charges! They must be joking! And now they’re telling me that I’m to remain in police custody… They expect me to sleep here for the night! A whole me! The cheek of it!”

“Huh? Sleep here? In… In this place?”

“Yes Rhoda… In this place! I’m so cheesed off! And the policewoman was telling me that it’s very unlikely to get bailed out since it’s a murder case, and so I may even be in remand till the case is judged… I was like what the heck are you talking about? But fine, I’ll get my lawyer informed! I’ll handle this!”

“Ash! Let me try calling him now… I’m sure you must be hungry!  Here’s something for you” she said as she handed over to Ashley the bag containing the snack Eddy had gotten for her.

“O… really?” she said as she looked at the bag queerly. “You got it for me?”

“No… See that’s Eddy…” she said pointing at Eddy who didn’t realize that the two sisters were looking at him now. “I met him at the theatre hall the last time I was there. He happens to be the brother of Sharon, one of the ladies on your team.”

“Sharon’s brother?  I see… Well then no thanks. I don’t take things from strangers! You can let him have it back or give it to one of the policemen!” she said haughtily.

“Ashley stop that attitude of yours and eat something. You look very hungry”

“Hey! If you want to help then buy something for me to eat. But I’m definitely not eating anything from this Eddy stranger guy! And get to call my lawyer too! Fast!” she said bossing Rhoda around.

Rhoda was used to this attitude of her sister. She seemed to be the only one who could tolerate her. Getting back to where Eddy stood, she explained the situation to him, then went on to get food for her sister whiles trying to reach Ashley’s lawyer too on phone, but unfortunately he couldn’t be reached. She was however able to get an answer from his office line, but then again, there was a problem.

“Hey, why the look on your face?” Eddy asked her after she ended the phone call.

“I really don’t know what’s going to happen now! O God why’s all this happening? Now I’ve able to reach the secretary of the lawyer, but according to her, he’s been away for months overseas on a study leave and wouldn’t be back any time soon.” She said gloomily. “Now I don’t even know how I’d be able to contact another lawyer because I don’t know any!”
“Rhoda. See, a very good friend of mine is a lawyer. I’m sure he will be more than willing to help!” Eddy told her

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure! Now we don’t know what evidence may be used against your sister! And murder cases tend to be very complicated. Now we’ve gotta act fast. So we help your sister!” Eddy told her.
Hurrying back to Ashley with Eddy, she updated her sister on what had happened.

“Okay so who then are they sending? Cuz I really can’t stay in this police cell! Whoever they’re gonna send should better get here quickly. After all I’ve got my money to pay! Who are they getting to come then?” she asked her sister oblivious of her bleak outlook.

“No one, Ash! There’s no one available from his chambers to help right now! But see, there’s a way out actually! Eddy here has a very good friend who is a lawyer and he’s sure he’ll be more than willing to help prove our innocence!”

“You?” she asked Eddy bluntly.

“Yes Miss Banks! My friend I know will be able to help you. He’s a good friend and has been practicing law for a while now! If you don’t mind I’ll just get to call him.”

“I don’t need your help!” she sharply said to Eddy.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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