As Lois was still sobbing, her phone beeped in response to a message alert. It was a message from Scott. She started to feel her heart pound. She didn’t know what to expect from the message.

She opened the text message which read, “Hey Babe… I miss you!”

“Babe?” Lois couldn’t remember the last time Scott had addressed her as ‘Babe’.

But her thoughts were quickly interfered as another text came through. “Sorry! Wrong text!”

“What?” Lois exclaimed as she got up from the floor. She began to fume. Quickly she dialed Scott’s number.


And so the police just took Ashley Banks away. The whole theatre hall was in utter confusion.

Eva dead? Eva was having an affair with Ashley Banks’ ex fiancé? Ashley being accused of murdering Eva? These and many more run through their minds. Some however were sad. Sharon realized how her brother stood helplessly beside Rhoda Banks who was all in shock.

Sharon quickly went to whisper into her brother’s ears. “Ed hurry! Get to the police station with Rhoda!”

It was a wise suggestion he thought.

“Rhoda! C’mon let’s go to the police station!” Rhoda went to get her sister’s bag  and the two hurriedly left the hall. In Eddy’s car they followed the police vehicle to the police station.


“What?” Lois exclaimed as she got up from the floor. She began to fume. Quickly she dialed Scott’s number.

“Scott!” Lois yelled. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“Meaning of what?” He replied.

Lois kept silent in order to hold back her tears.

“See, I’m gonna hang up if you don’t talk!” He said to her over the phone.

“Alright… So… Who should be the recipient of that message then? Scott who is ‘Babe’? Who are you addressing now as ‘Babe’?”

“Look! That’s none of your business!”

“Jesus! Scott you have the impu… None of my business? You’ve left Kyler and I over here for only God knows where and you’re addressing someone else as Babe… ‘I miss you’? And you’re telling me that’s none of my business? Hello? Hello? Scott! Scott! Answer me!”


Rhoda and Eddy got to the police station, but they couldn’t however get to see Ashley since she had been taken away by the CID to help them carry out their investigations.

Rhoda saw Henry walk out for which she almost run to punch him, but Eddy quickly restrained her. Henry just gave her a grumpy look then sped off in his car.

“He’s a devil!”

“Rhoda… Hey… Everything is going to be fine!” Eddy said trying to console her.

“How can everything be fine? My sister is in there being charged with murder! Ash is even afraid of killing a cockroach, how can she possibly murder someone?” she said in tears as she went back to lean on the bonnet of Eddy’s car.

Eddy could understand her since murder charges mostly make people end up in prison for years or even for the rest of their lives. He gently opened the front door of his car and Rhoda went to sit inside. He also sat inside in the driver’s seat.

“I’m really afraid Eddy! My sister’s been through a lot and I’m afraid about how things have turned now! How could Henry actually do a thing like this? How could he accuse my sister of murder?

“I understand Rhoda… but… did your sister really have an issue with the dead lady?”

“Hmm… See, my sister and Henry had been dating for a while and soon started making plans to get married. Personally I didn’t seem to really like Henry.  Ash had suffered many heartbreaks from failed relationships. It was such that she decided not to give her heart to any man again.

“She has a cynical way of saying that all men probably are heartbreakers and since God is just up there watching them, He probably might not really care if she gets hurt! I used to tell her many times that she shouldn’t say that about God, but she wouldn’t listen.”

“And again it became such that the moment she took her mind off love and relationships and even God’s love, surprisingly that was when her career started getting better. So it rather looked like life could still be better even without God and without love. She channeled all her strength and efforts into making this Theatre and movie firm a great one. She believes that she has been riding on diligence, and not grace! Though diligence and hard work are important to being successful, grace plays a very important part! She became so capable and independent that she felt like she didn’t need anyone’s help for anything, and of course, Ash hardly asks for help!”
“Hmm…I’m really sorry about all that Rhoda! It’s sad getting to know all that your sister has gone through.” Eddy added empathetically.

“Yes I know. It’s the reason why she acts all in control and arrogant and hard… she’s been acting all in control and making it without the effort of God or any man… that’s how she thinks… And so when Henry came into her life and he seemed to be rather permeating her defenses against men, I somehow thought that it was a good thing, though deep down in my heart I wasn’t entirely sure about the sincerity of Henry… And soon they started having issues… Ash told me she had the gut feeling that Henry was having another lady.

“True to her convictions, she paid Henry a surprise visit to his house somewhere last week… I even went with her… When we got to the house we heard some funny sounds coming out from one of the rooms, but unfortunately, whichever lady that was with Henry took to flight! We didn’t get to see her.  The only thing we got to know was that she was called Eva as Henry kept mentioning out her name during their act.”

Eddy listened attentively and wondered why the gentleman would do such a thing.

“Honestly my sister got very disappointed and enraged. I could understand, because she gave her whole heart to Henry… They were even making plans to get married… Then some days ago, she caught Henry with Eva making out in his car on a lonely road. That got her so enraged when she realized that it was her very crew member Eva. And she threatened to deal drastically with Eva in the presence of Henry… And now Eva has been murdered… Why won’t everyone blame my sister?”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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