Lois screamed out as she woke up from that frightening dream.


“Lord… What is this? What kind of dream is this?”

The dream seemed to be parabolic to her. She thought about the angered sea, the storm, the many ships on it, and their own ship. She thought about the scary scenes of how some ships capsized and sank, especially the ships with the inscription ‘Marriage’ on them.

Getting her phone, she decided to call her husband to tell him about the dream. But on second thought, she didn’t anymore. She remembered how Scott was unconcerned and indifferent in the dream just as he was in reality, and she just figured that he probably might treat her dream as trash.

And so she called her mother and spoke with Kyler rather to find out how he was doing.

Heaving a sigh of relief after the phone call, Lois reached for her Bible and knelt in front of her bed.

“Jesus…” she whispered.  “What’s happening? I don’t get it… I wake up every morning with the hope that I’d find joy… That I’d be happy… But I can’t seem to find it!”

Taking their family picture which was on the bedside table, she placed it on her chest and began to shed tears.

“What happened, Lord? Where did I go wrong? What’s happening to Scott? Where’s the darling in him? Even when he’s home with me, it feels like he’s a million miles away… I can’t take it anymore, Father… Where’s the amazing husband that I knew?” She sobbed. “If anyone had ever told me that our marriage would turn sour someday, I definitely would have said that it is impossible!”

The thought of the second scene of her dream was getting her frightened. She knew that in marriage even though both partners may think that their ego would be satisfied with a divorce in the face of marital challenges, the children were the ones who tend to suffer a lot. Emotional instability, depression, abuse and all sort of deviances were seen to be high among children from broken homes. But in an era where most marriages are failing and people see marriage to be a ‘contract’ terminable by a divorce rather than as an institution by God where He Himself is the first witness, Lois got scared that her inability to hold on and the gradual estrangement of her husband may make their family fall apart someday.


Eddy looked on as the two policemen then went inside the theatre hall whiles the gentleman stood outside waiting. Eddy was confused. “Why are they here?” he thought.

As he stood there wondering whether to enter the theatre hall or to ask the angry looking gentleman why he was there with the police, a taxi stopped and Rhoda Banks stepped out.

Eddy saw the surprised look on her face when she saw the police car parked in front of the theatre hall. However the expression on her face changed immediately she saw the gentleman who seemed to have escorted the police to the place.

“You! What do you want here? Huh? You have the guts to come here?” Rhoda said shrilly.

“Oh give me a break! Your sister thinks that she is the queen of the universe to do whatever she likes, huh? Let’s see how she can escape the law now!”

“What…what are you talking about?” she asked confusingly as she looked at the police car again. She turned to look at Eddy as though hoping to get answers from him.

The two then quickly run inside the theatre hall leaving Henry at the entrance.

Getting inside, they saw the police men talking to Ashley in the presence of the other production members.

“Yes…I’m Ashley Banks, how may I help you?” she asked the policemen.

“Do you per chance know any Eva Darko?” they interrogated her.

“Yes Eva is part of my production crew… She actually isn’t present right now. Any problem?”

“You’re under arrest as a first suspect for the murder of one Eva Darko whom you threatened to deal with after realizing that she was having an affair with your ex fiancé, one Mr. Henry Solomon.” One of the police men said showing her the warrant of arrest.

“Wait…wait… What are you talking about? See, I’m in the middle of a production rehearsal! Besides, you can’t just walk in and say you’re here to arrest me! Why would I kill Eva?” she tried explaining being defensive.

Rhoda quickly run forward to her sister, with Eddy and the whole crew members in shock.

“Madam you have the right to remain silent! Or anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law!” one of the policemen said to her sternly.

“O please! You guys keep saying these things! How can you just walk in with a warrant to arrest me? What did I do? If there’s anyone to arrest then it’s that Henry Solomon of a guy who deceived me and broke my heart by having a secret affair with Eva!”

Just then, the guy whom Eddy and Eva had met outside, and who actually was Henry Solomon, Ashley’s ex fiancé who had an affair with Eva walked in.

“Please what are you waiting for? Arrest her!” he said to the policemen who forcibly held Ashley’s hands and dragged her.

“You all must be joking! Hey! Stop hurting my hand! No handcuffs! And stop dragging me!” she demanded with a rude demeanor.

“Henry it was you huh? You led them to me, huh? Mark my words! You’ll pay for this!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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