Eddy decided to go with his sister for the production rehearsal on that Saturday just to make it up to her since Sharon expressed that her brother paid no attention during her scene, and as such couldn’t critique or commend her for the role.

Sharon again had been worried after her brother told her of his encounter with Ashley Banks and her sister Rhoda Banks.

“What if Rhoda goes to tell her? I mean Rhoda now knows that I’m your sister, right? What if she goes to tell Ashley? C’mon Ed… Now I really don’t know what to expect today… Every time I pray that Ashley would loosen up during rehearsals, that’s the day that she rather gets more unpleasant.” Sharon said worriedly.

“Hey. Relax ok? I’m very sorry about that. I mean I shouldn’t have had such conversations with complete strangers… I really know I messed up big time. But I’m sorry… somehow I feel like Rhoda wouldn’t tell her sister.”

“I really hope so…” Sharon said rather hopelessly.

When they got to the theatre hall, all the production members were present except Eva: the lady Ashley scolded at their last rehearsal.

Not long afterwards Ashley Banks came in.  Her sister Rhoda however wasn’t with her. Eddy felt a bit disappointed since he was expecting to see Rhoda that day.


“I’m very angry today…” Ashley said to the crew which made the whole atmosphere sulk.

Sharon turned to look at her brother in horror. “Did Rhoda tell her about the encounter with Eddy?” She thought to herself.

Ashley then took out a bottle of water and took a sip.

“I’m very angry… ‘cos I’m very hungry… So no one should put me to test.” She addressed them like a mean senior house mistress addressing some students. She then took another sip, and as her eyes went through she realized that Eva wasn’t present.  She just ignored it thinking that Eva would be there soon.

Even though she was still enraged by Eva and Henry’s affair, she wanted to act as though she wasn’t affected. And so she continued to keep Eva as a character for the production they’ve been having rehearsals on for the past 6 weeks. Again, she thought to herself that her displeasure with her was on a ‘personal’ level, and not on a professional level.

“I’m very hungry, ok? But I wouldn’t want anyone of you to become the devil this afternoon to come offer me stones as bread. Don’t tempt me! if you do, I rather might beat the devil out of you with those stones…” She said cynically as she realized the confusion on their faces. “I’m speaking in parables huh?… Alright! 15 minutes refreshing time then we start!” She told her crew.

Though it was in low tone, Eddy could hear her talk. He then quickly decided to get some snack from a nearby shop for Ashley since he got concerned about her being hungry.

When he was returning to the theatre hall after getting the snack, Eddy saw a Police car just parked in front of the theatre hall. A gentleman stepped out with 2 other policemen. Eddy wondered why the police would be at that premise.

“Yes! That’s her car! I’m sure she must be inside the hall!” Eddy overheard the gentleman say to the two police men as he pointed to Ashley’s car and the theatre hall.


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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