Lois was at home alone since she had taken Kyler over to her parents’ place, and her husband was out of the house on a trip as usual. She decided to take a nap, and in the course of it she had a dream.

In the dream she saw herself at a port that had so many ships on the water. She saw that the ships had different names written on them. Some had ‘Friendship’, others had ‘Courtship’, some had ‘Partnership’ written on them, and a lot of other ships which had the name ‘Marriage’ inscribed on them.

Suddenly, she saw so many people getting aboard the different ships. Some boarded in twos and threes. But all the marriage ships got boarded by only two people each.

The next scene, she saw herself aboard a marriage ship and saw Scott on board with her. They looked happy together. And then later she saw her son Kyler too.

But suddenly, there was a tempest on the sea. A violent storm which churned the waters of the sea in waves to beat the ships on the sea. The marriage ships seemed to be the ones which were hit most. And Lois realized that their ship was being affected by the great storm on the sea.

But she saw in the dream that her husband Scott seemed indifferent.

Lois saw many ships in the dream capsize and wreck by the violent storm. It was a frightening scene for her as their own ship was getting filled. Kyler began to cry.

“Scott! Scott!” She shouted out to her husband in the dream. “Do something! Do something, Scott!” But she perceived that he was still unconcerned.

And not long afterwards, Lois found herself quarreling with her husband on the stormy sea as the waters continued to fill their ship! Being engrossed in their quarrel, they forgot about how rapidly the sea water was filling their ship by the violent storms!


That scene of the dream ended horridly as another scene began. In the second scene of her dream, Lois saw herself in a car on the road by the sea. Suddenly she saw a young boy walking towards the sea as though to drown himself.

“No! No! No!” She screamed out in the dream as she got out of the car and started running towards the boy.

“No! Stop it! Think about your parents! Don’t harm yourself!”

“My parents don’t care! They have already killed me emotionally and they don’t care if I’m gone now! They can go on fighting every day! They can go on with their divorce! I don’t care!” The boy yelled as he took steps further into the ocean.

And shockingly, it seemed to Lois in the dream that the boy was Kyler in his adolescent stage.

“Kyler! Klyer! No Son! Son! No! Don’t do it! Kyler!”


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016




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