“I’m very sorry for how she might have acted towards you.” the new fair lady said to Eddy.

“It’s alright… I guess I was rather getting her bored than entertained… it does happen.” He said with a grin as they talked subtly.

“Are you here to support someone as well?” he asked her.

“Yes…my sister…” she replied him

“That’s very cool. I came to see my sister rehearse too… Yeah she’s the lady on stage now. That’s my younger sister, you know!” he said feeling all proud.

“That’s nice… By the way… The lady who just walked out… Do you know her personally?” She asked Eddy.

“The lady? Nope not at all… My first time meeting her on this earth… But it isn’t so much of a bother… Actually I came ‘cos of my Sis… And again… To finally meet this Ashley Banks everyone talks about….” He said smiling broadly at her again.

“O really? Tell me! What have you heard about Ashley Banks?”


After struggling to keep her attention off her brother who seemed so lost in his chat with the lady and had virtually missed watching her scene, Sharon got to the side of the stage when her scene had ended.

However Eddy and the lady continued to talk.


“O really? Tell me! What have you heard about Ashley Banks?” she asked inquisitively.

“Well I’m sure you probably might have also heard or known… I’ve not met her before like I said, but I understand that she is… You know… Hardworking… Smart… Serious… Doesn’t joke… I learnt again that she’s hard on her crew… And tough… Doesn’t smile much… Very bossy and autocratic too!” he said nodding.

“O really? Ashley?”

“Haha… Yes! And that’s not all… She’s earned a title too… ‘Flint’…” Eddy blabbed to this complete stranger.

“Flint?” She asked surprisingly. “Why Flint?”

“Well yes I wondered same… I learnt it’s ‘cos of how she is: Hard! She is hard… Bossy… Unemotional… Tough… Stoney… Like flint!” he explained to the lady.

But suddenly, the theatre door leading outside quickly flung open, and this lady whom Eddy had annoyed earlier with his talk started to walk in. Eddy thought that she was going to sit at where the audience are to sit. On the contrary, she started walking towards the stage.

Eddy didn’t understand why she should be going towards the stage since he remembered Sharon clearly telling him that only crew members and not visitors or audience could go near the stage space.

“Uhm Excuse me…” Eddy tried signaling the lady not to go onto the stage.

“What are you trying to do?” The new fair lady sitting next to him asked. “She is Ashley Banks!”

Eddy was gripped with horror.

And as though Ashley gave a command with her eyes, the whole crew halted with the rehearsal, and the whole auditorium was quiet. All that could be heard was the sound of Ashley’s heels as she climbed the stairs onto the stage.


“Ashley Banks?” Eddy wondered. “Ashley Banks?”

How could that be? The lady who was sitting next to him earlier and he had unfortunately bored with his unnecessary chatter was Ashley Banks?

“And of course… You didn’t bother to know who I also am…” The lady sitting next to him added again.  “If you care to know, I am Rhoda Banks… Ashley’s younger sister… Yes you said all those unpleasant things about Ashley Banks to her sister!” she smirked.

“I’m doomed” Eddy murmured. He turned to take a look at her then realized the striking resemblance and how she also was very fair just like Ashley.

He kept mum, obviously not knowing what to say, and feeling embarrassed as well. He said all those things about Ashley to a complete stranger, and now this stranger ended up being Ashley’s younger sister. How could he make such a mess?


©Dorothy Budu-Arthur, 2016

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